Halloween costumes to inflate

Halloween costumes to inflate: Halloween

Probably the thickest brummer of the season: Halloween costumes to inflate

What if you are absolutely bastelfaul and invited at the last minute to a great Halloween party? Making Halloween costumes yourself is the high art of home improvement, but in such a case? Well, there you are and you have nothing to wear!

Since I have a heart for the untalented, I have once researched what you can do there. And what I've found is the Oberknaller: Halloween costumes that inflate themselves. That's awesome, because you do not have to do anything, nothing! Anyone who is reasonably sober can manage to put on this costume. Then a push of a button, and the thing inflates. BÄM!

But when I look at the puffed bee, I wonder what happens when I'm out with the Halloween costume and suddenly a strong wind blows. Because the part must then act like a sail? I see the fat bumblebee already flying out of the garden like the annoying aunt Harry Potters after the inflation saying. But let's not scratch the devil on the wall. I'll treat myself to such a thing. I just do not know if I want to dress up as a bee or as a wrestler.

Halloween costumes to inflate: Halloween

Thick thing: respectable sumo disguise

But I think I'll take the wrestler. Because then I'll watch how strong the blower of the costume is, maybe I can tune that and make it a bit stronger? Would be cool, if I would wear this disguise under my normal things and then suddenly - like the incredible Hulk - would burst out of them!

Incidentally, the costumes are also ideal for those who by nature have Berserker dimensions as the sumos. With such an inflatable part no one needs a slim line anymore. One size fits all, air is just very flexible! And not pumped up the costumes should look very good.

(All pictures: pearl.de - there are also the costumes!)

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