Make Halloween lanterns yourself

Make Halloween lanterns yourself: lanterns

Halloween is a scary lighting, after all, people are supposed to shudder that night. It does not have to be purchased fairy lights and lanterns, because with simple materials can be an individual lighting make yourself.

That's why the editorial team rummaged through the Internet for various crafting instructions for fairy lights, homemade candles and Halloween lanterns and collected them in this collection.

Let yourself be inspired and create your own scary lighting for outdoor or indoor use.

Make pumpkin lantern yourself


made of corrugated cardboard in green, orange and silk fiber paper

For guidance

The classic pumpkin head

Jack 'O' Lanterne design your own crafting instructions

For guidance

Spider and pumpkin lantern

Ideas for lanterns made of paper plates and cheese boxes for the little ones

For guidance

How to Carve a Jack-O-Lantern

Carving instructions for pumpkins step by step with pictures

For guidance

Pumpking carving tips

Tips and hints for a perfect successful Halloween pumpkin
For guidance

Coconut O'Lantern

Coconut as Halloween light idea from New Caledonia
For guidance

Solar powered Jack-O-Lantern

Jack-o-lantern lit by solar cell batteries. instruction
For guidance

The Solar Powered Jack-o-Lantern!

Pumpkin lantern lit with solar powered garden lamp
For guidance

Halloween pumpkin lantern

Illustrated crafting instructions for a reception light on the front door
For guidance

Creepy Halloween fairy lights

Halloween fairy lights

with ghosts and spiders step by step instructions
For guidance

Recycled Jar Jack O'Lanterns

Crafting instructions for Jack O'Lanternen from different glass vessels, which are illuminated by fairy lights
For guidance

Pumpkin fairy lights

made of laminated wood, plywood, water paint, wire and clothespins
For guidance

Make Halloween candles and lanterns yourself

Light bag for Halloween

Crafting tips for a light bag with stamped Halloween motifs
For guidance

Sweet spooky castle

made of sugar cubes, brightly lit with tealights. Gorgeous idea!
For guidance

Lantern with two ghosts

made of white cardboard, glass with tealight quickly printed and tinkered
For guidance

Windlight bat

Glass glued with translucent paper, decorated with small bats
For guidance

Windlight ghosts

Dancing spirits as garland stretched around a glass with candle
For guidance

Tealight ghost

White clay cardboard as ghost border for white tealight
For guidance

Halloween Tea Light Holders

Spooky Tealights holder with spiders for Halloween,
For guidance

Halloween candle with ghosts

Candle decorated with napkin technique. With mica and color
For guidance

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