Halloween: Make Massekn and make-up yourself

Halloween: make masks and make-up yourself

Who does not want to make a complete costume himself or would like to wear one of former Halloween parties, gives the clothes the finishing touch with a crafted Halloween mask.

And if you do not want to hide under a (sometimes uncomfortable) mask, you can try a creepy make-up. Ugly scars and warts, deep flesh wounds or blood-spattered zombie marks and accessories complete the costume.

Here we have some suggestions for scary masks, make-up tips and ideas for Halloween accessories collected, so you can make masks and make-up for Halloween itself.

Make Halloween masks and horror masks yourself

Make Halloween masks yourself

Halloween masks made of balloons, newspaper snippets and paint yourself - illustrated instructions for individual masks.
at: lets-rebuild.com

Make masks out of paper

Print templates on many different topics.
at kidsaction.de

Halloween Kids' costumes

Various Halloween and carnival disguises for kids and babies.
with Martha Stewart

Skull Mask

Simple crafting instructions for a skull mask from photo carton in A3, based on a model of primitive people.
at GEOlino

Frankenstein mask

Coloring page with Frankenstein face for cutting and coloring.
at Gratismalvorlagen.com

Seven costume tips for Halloween

Here you will find crafting tutorials on the following topics: pumpkin, wounds, masks, skeletons, ghosts, spider woman, skull.
at Halloween in the Rhineland

plaster mask

Illustrated instructions: make a plaster mask of plaster cast yourself.
at sandrakoenig

Alien Mask

Tinker paper mache mask with balloon. Allow two days for drying.
at ZZZebra

Make glowing ghost mask yourself

Mask made of paper bag with flashlight as a lantern for a light fright.
at zzzebra.de

Monster paste masks

These masks made of paper mache can be tied in front of the face. Instructions for DIY.
at zzzebra.de

Make-up for Halloween: make-up, makeup and make-up artist

Fast zombie costume

Tips for a fast zombie costume from old clothes and Kunstlbut with make-up tips
at Halloween Ideas

Sweet blood

for the clothes. An instruction
at tinkering around the year

Horrible halloween face

with scars and bumps of nasal poultice, make-up colors and raspberry syrup blood
at BR online

Elphaba from the country Oz

Make-up like the pros Green Face Paint
Initiative Hobbykreativ

How to Make Great Terminator Make up

Make-up and make-up, to simulate injuries true to nature
at instructables

Vampire costume for Halloween

The visit from Transylvania is here: bloodshot eyes and pointed teeth
at It's Halloween again

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