Halloween: New ideas and decoration for the Halloween Party

If you look inconspicuously on the calendar, you will be surprised that it is so far next month, namely on the night of October 31 to November 1, again. The coolest of all cool festivals - so it is at least the ever-growing community of the scary fans - throws its ghostly shadow ahead. Halloween is coming soon.

Halloween: New ideas and decoration for the Halloween Party: Halloween

The perfect decoration for the Halloween Party: © Freddy Smeets - Fotolia.com

Halloween in Germany

Because in Germany too, this tradition, which is very widespread especially in the USA, is becoming ever more exuberant, so will your children expect a lot from you. Even if you do not think much of the occasion: Be tolerant and let the kids live out their horror. You do not have to exaggerate it. If it stays within the framework of the respective age group, the goosebumping feeling brings a lot of fun with it. And that's what it's all about.

Above all, Halloween is an opportunity to do something together with the children once again. So it's not about throwing as much cash as possible for scary costumes and Halloween decoration into the jaws of commercial marketers. One should concentrate in the jungle of the web pages on those, which offer beside the necessary Halloween accessories above all also promising ideas for a great Halloween scary party. As an example, the following websites are mentioned:
geburtstagsfee.de and gruselparty.de

It is also recommended to let the food and drinks recognize the motto "Halloween". Good tips for spooky recipes and suggestions for the Halloween food decoration can also be found there.

Typical Halloween symbols

Halloween: New ideas and decoration for the Halloween Party: Halloween

Halloween pumpkin: © Lilo Kapp - pixelio.de

If you want to make some accessories in advance and make funny party deposits on your legs, then it should definitely be started on time - so now.

Where do you get, for example some pumpkins? In the circle of relatives and acquaintances, ask who has pumpkin plants in the garden. So you can save a few euros. Once you've got hold of some beautiful specimens, you can work with them to erode these typical orange Halloween symbols and carve the funny or creepy zigzag faces. Because there is a risk of injury, there should always be an adult and take over the most dangerous parts.

Of course, all the pictures of skulls, skeletons, ghosts, witches and other undead are also suitable for decorating your windows, doors and party room. Inquire as to whether a friend of your kids might have had a pirate party for the birthday party. Then you could borrow the leftover skull decorations and skeletons for your Halloween party.

Halloween: New ideas and decoration for the Halloween Party: party

Flavored children on Halloween

Face painting for Halloween

For every Halloween costume, be it bought, borrowed or homemade, is also a suitably made-up face. Because German child make-up in particular undergoes regular dermatological tests, you do not need to be concerned about this.

The nice thing about it is that by now every layman can make up his children, because in the pretty cheap make-up sets often a step by step make-up instructions with pictures is included. The packages already pre-sorted for the respective make-up motif such as witch, vampire, devil or pirate always contain the typical make-up colors and often a brush.

Get your camera ready, because these little works of art are to hold on for eternity.

The piñata game at your Halloween party

You may already know the Mexican Piñata game from children's birthday parties. But if this hollow body with colored paper has the shape of a pumpkin or a witch, the unbelievably atmospheric event will of course be perfect for your scary party. You can also easily craft such a pumpkin pie. For this purpose, a blown up balloon with lots of paper strips is overlapped all around overlapping (with conventional wallpaper paste). When the 3 to 4 layers have dried, you can prime the hardened ball orange-red and paint a pumpkin face. A large hole for filling the sweets and a small one for the string for hanging can be cut without hesitation after drying. Have fun trying!

Uwe Recknagel, //geburtstagsfee.de

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