Halloween Pranks

Halloween pranks are no trivial offense

The Halloween night has more and more often a legal sequel. The German attorney Zentralruf (DRAZ) points to this in view of the growing number of crimes committed by children and adolescents under the guise of 31 October. In recent years, offenses such as property damage, trespassing, theft, gross mischief, assault, vandalism, harassment and endangerment of road traffic increased more and more. Loud DRAZ The parents are primarily affected by this because they are on Halloween supervision In most cases, they do not adequately comply and are therefore liable for damage caused to their protégés.

Already used to "harmless" pranks

Although now traditional pranks such as the spraying of doorknobs and cars with shaving foam or a new stand for garbage can or garden bench are often tolerated by the police and courts. These include newspaper clippings in shoes and floor mats as well as the "decoration" of mailboxes, garden fences, cars and trees with toilet paper. "These cavalier offenses are usually not pursued and thus solve many dishes no liability for damages ", explains Michael Steinmetz of the German attorney central call, in contrast to that, according to DRAZ, criminal acts are increasing.

Crime at Halloween celebrations are no longer uncommon

In the shelter of darkness, supposedly protected by masks and in the group, the inhibition threshold falls on many children and adolescents in the Kürbisnacht. Often, walls are smudged, car locks glued or flower boxes destroyed. This fulfills the facts of property damage. Who throws Böller in mailboxes, distributing household waste on sidewalks, ripping out plants or throwing eggs on passing cars, is also punishable. Manhole covers on the road are also life-threatening. Whoever takes away the candy bag from another child and threatens beating, is guilty of robbery. If a minor strikes, he even commits a personal injury.

Parents are responsible for your children - even at the Halloween party

Parents are responsible for the misconduct of their children and thus for any damage they have caused. The legislature has made high demands on the extent of parental supervision. Parents can protect themselves against liability only if they can prove that they have fulfilled their duty of supervision. "If parents leave their charges unattended during the Halloween night, they must pay for possible damage," Steinmetz knows.

Prevention can save parents a lot of money

Parents often feel helpless at the hustle and bustle of their charges. In the following, DRAZ gives you seven preventive tips on how to protect yourself from costly damages in advance: Do not strictly forbid your children from going along in the Halloween night, but they show limits on the pranks!

  1. Talk to them in advance about the consequences of pranks!
  2. Control which utensils your children are using for the Halloween tour!
  3. Against peer pressure: Challenge your children not to participate in evil Halloween jokes and distance themselves!
  4. To be on the safe side, you should accompany your protégés on the annual "Halloween Trip"!
  5. If this does not necessarily meet the approval of the offspring concerned, it is secretly to do this, with some distance!
  6. Offer your children an alternative program. Meanwhile, many events and parties are offered for Halloween!

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