Renovating the board floor: Sand down and seal the wooden floorboards

Renovating the board floor: Sand down and seal the wooden floorboards: sand

Floorboards and parquet floors are characterized by a long lifetime and so they have to withstand large loads over many years. But eventually the old wooden floor loses its shine, becomes dull and looks worn out.

At least now it is worthwhile to renovate and sand down the old planks. Even if they have been covered with a linoleum floor or treated with several layers of wax or paint for years, do-it-yourselfers can recycle them and make them look new

The required aids are expensive and hardly worth buying, but can be borrowed and the costs are worth it.

A reclaimed plank flooring hardly succumbs to a new one and shines again for many years in the noble luster. A lot of work, worthwhile and with a great flair.

Necessary preliminary work

Before the grinder can be applied, it requires some preparation. If planks are too worn, infected by woodworms or even broken, they must be replaced.

Renovating the board floor: Sand down and seal the wooden floorboards: floor

Worn floorboard

Unfortunately, it can not be avoided that there are visual differences between the old and the new floorboards.

However, there are ways to hide it by not using the new planks in the required space but replacing them with planks on the edge.

If the place of the couch or the wall unit already planned, the planks of these places can replace the defective ones and there the new ones are "hidden".

Renovating the board floor: Sand down and seal the wooden floorboards: down

Replace wooden floorboards

Use new planks effectively

What can not be hidden, however, can be highlighted as well. Are right now Floorboards of the walkways too worn, they can be replaced in a wide even strip by new ones.

As a result, heavily used treads receive new planks and these can also be a special one put colored accent.

Check surface

Renovating the board floor: Sand down and seal the wooden floorboards: sand

Lower protruding nails

As a precaution, the entire surface is searched for further breakouts and holes. Such blemishes can be filled with putties or stuffed with wooden dowels larger holes.

Particular attention should be paid to protruding nails and screws. Non-interlocking screws must be replaced and nails lowered with a thorn.

The right touch for planks

As a rule, the purchase of the grinding machines is not worthwhile, because the floorboard retains its luster for many years after the renovation. If you want to sand the planks yourself, you can rent the required equipment.

Attention, this work produces fine sanding dust. Wear a respirator while sanding and disposing of the dust.

First sanding pass

Renovating the board floor: Sand down and seal the wooden floorboards: floor

Sand wooden planks with the roll grinder

The first cut is done diagonally with the roll grinder and depending on the condition of the plank floor with Grain size 40, 24 or 16.

Only when all differences in height of the individual planks have been eliminated and all ink residues have been sanded off is the corner or edge grinder processed in the same way as the edge and the first sanding pass is completed.

Further grinding passes

In the next steps, the plank floor in the hall direction gradually sanded with fine sandpaper. In four or more passes the cuts are done with a disc sander and Grain size 60, 80, 100 and 120, After each pass, all edges must be finished with the same grain size. After the final touch is one Thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner necessary.

Oil and grow planks

Renovating the board floor: Sand down and seal the wooden floorboards: sand


After sanding, the plank floor is given a seal with oil or oil and wax. Alternatively, combination products of hard oil and wax are available for wood floor care, which should be free of solvents for health reasons.

So that the oil penetrates deep into the pores, are usually one to two jobs with about 40 to 50 g / m2 necessary. The hard oil is applied at the edge with a small and on a large surface with a floor roll.

After a contact time of at least 15 minutes, still dull areas can be oiled again. If these areas have also absorbed enough oil after a short reaction time, the surplus oil can be removed with a squeegee or taken up with a cloth.

For a great shine makes a subsequent polish with a polishing machine. With a polishing attachment, the oil is thoroughly incorporated and excess oil wiped with a cloth.

Attention: Oil-soaked rags can ignite. Therefore either collect in a metal container with lid or keep wet in a bucket with water.

Another order of wax can at the earliest after 24h respectively. To please observe the manufacturer's instructions, The wax is evenly distributed with the polishing machine, which should be handled very sparingly. It is helpful to distribute small quantities evenly on the plank floor and then to incorporate them. After a short drying time, it can be polished once more.

Renovating the board floor: Sand down and seal the wooden floorboards: down

special tray for the oil application

Instructions for parquet preparation:

In addition to floorboards, parquet can also be renovated and reconditioned. These detailed instructions will guide DIY enthusiasts step by step through parquet processing, explain what needs to be taken into account when sanding parquet and give tips on how to care for and seal the wooden surface.

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