Painting a corridor - ideas and techniques for a modern design

Walls do not always have to be white. For an interesting and visually stimulating corridor design, there are many ideas and some proven techniques. What can be achieved with color, this article reveals.

Wall design options

  • Gradients on the wall
  • Patterns and structures
  • Ornaments

Color the walls

broken white

White is the standard color for walls. A more interesting design can be achieved if the white dispersion is broken with a few drops of paint before rolling up onto the wall. This creates a light color shimmer.

break other colors

The same thing works the other way around. Wall paints can also be broken in their intensity by the addition of white paint. They are less intense and have a slightly pastel-like character.

color harmony

Contrasts can be appealing and make a wall design interesting. White forms a strong contrast to all other colors. However, individual colored walls can also create contrasts within the wall design and thus make the hall look livelier.

Gradients on the wall

Real color gradients

A true color gradient is very difficult to produce. Usually only professionals can do that.

Offset colors and colored pedestals

The wall base can be easily colored. For a clean dividing line between the different colored areas is an adhesive tape strip. Colored pedestals make rooms look more compact.

Diagonal or irregular color design of a wall

Similar to the color base, walls can also be diagonally or irregularly divided by different colors. The optical effect of this measure is very strong and the contrasting obvious.

Patterns and structures

Pattern on the wall

With the help of templates and structural rollers, a wall can be covered with colored patterns. There are different motivational roles in the trade, which, as in the case of classic wall designs, bring a repetitive pattern to the wall. This creates a kind of painted floral wallpaper.


In order to provide the wall color with structures, either structure brushes, sponges or special structure rolls can be used.


In addition to the easily removable wall stickers or wall decals, patterns and ornaments can also be painted on the wall.

Tips & Tricks

The color harmony is decisive for the visual effect of color designs. Knowledge of the basic laws of color harmonic theory is very beneficial in the design of spaces.
Also easy to apply are the laws for the angular harmony of colors, which are also used for the design of web pages:

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