Hammer hitting - what is it?

Hardly anyone can imagine something under the term "hammer hammering". In fact, this is an athletic competition that requires not only strength but, above all, skill and good coordination. How hammering is done, where it takes place, and what rules are common practice, read in this post.


The sporty hammering is about hitting as many nails as possible into a piece of wood or a tree trunk in as short a time as possible.

The nails should not be held, they are already inserted into the wood piece in advance. The goal is to push the nail straight into the wood with as much force as possible without bending it. The competition measures the time required for a certain amount of nails.

Bent or not straight into the wood penetrated nails are not counted. The winner is the one who took the biggest number of nails and needed the least amount of time.


A nail must be hit very precisely and at a precisely defined speed in order to push it straight into the wood with one stroke. If the blow is not accurate or done with too much force, the nail bends and will not be counted later. Only one hand may be used to knock in, the nail must not be held with the second hand. Some rules, however, allow women to use both hands.

game variants

In another variant, often played in the US, no time is measured. Each person is allowed to hammer in nails until a nail bends. Then he passes the nail to the next player. The winner in this case is who has taken the most nails after a few laps of the game.

Tips & Tricks

Hammer hitting is a game that is also great for wedding parties or a barbecue. The skill that is required is usually underestimated - as a rule you can clearly see who has a good feeling as a craftsman and who does not.

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