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  • Hammers can be divided into over 70 different types. Among the two most important and most used are mainly locksmith and carpentry hammers.
  • Wooden hammers are used instead of metal nails rather for hitting sensitive wooden dowels. They are a commonly used tool in carpentry and carpentry.
  • In addition to the Hammerart should be paid when buying on the weight. Basically, the heavier a hammer is, the easier it will be to hammer in the nails. However, with higher weight usually also decreases the accuracy.

Hammer comparison 2018: hammer

If you like to tinker and work at home, you need a decent hammer for some work. Depending on the application, however, different types of hammers are distinguished, which of course makes the search for your personal hammer test winner difficult.

Hammer comparison 2018: comparison

Construction of a classic castle hammer.

For this reason, we will briefly explain you in our Hammer Comparison of the most important species and tell you what to look for when buying.

1. Different types of hammer?

Hammers can be divided into over 70 different typesthat we can not all present at this point, of course. Below is a brief overview of some of the most important and widespread species:

Hammer-typeDescription and special features
peen hammer

Hammer comparison 2018: hammer

  • Repairman hammers are the most widely used form and in appearance for most people the classic hammer.
  • They usually have a square-shaped track and a mostly rounded fin.
  • It can be used as an allround hammer for most metal nail work at home.
Claw hammer

Hammer comparison 2018: hammer

  • They are also referred to as a lathammer and have on one side a so-called nail clawwith which bent nails can be removed.
  • The two claws are of different lengths so that the hammers can be beaten with the back in the wood.
  • Often they have a magnetic nail holderby which the nail is held during the first stroke, so that one-arm hammering is possible.

Hammer comparison 2018: most

  • In contrast to other types of hammers, they are completely made of wood and have no fin.
  • Mallets can not be used to hammer metal nails, but for example for sensitive wooden dowels.
  • This z. T. also referred to as a knocking tool u. a. often used for carpentry or carpentry work.

Hammer comparison 2018: hammer

  • They have on the back a thin cutting edge, which is quite similar to an ax blade.
  • This cutting edge or edge is used in masonry work for knocking off or form-fitting beating stones.
  • The front of the hammers, on the other hand, can only be used to hammer metal nails.

Hammer comparison 2018: comparison

  • They are very heavy and very often bring a weight of about 1.25 to 1.5 kilograms on the scales.
  • Fäustel have no fin, but two smooth, identical faces.
  • As a field of application come rough work in questionsuch as the breaking in of large nails or the knocking off of concrete residues.

2. Buy a hammer - but which one?

In a hammer test, hammers are usually differentiated according to specific criteria. In order to provide you with an adequate purchase advice, we will briefly discuss here the two most important purchase criteria:

hammer type


For classic tasks that have to do with the hammering of metal nails, are especially locksmith and carpenter hammer. Rough work such as knocking off concrete or hammering in large nails should, however, be done with a heavy fist.

The most important thing when buying is of course the hammer type. Here, as you have already seen in the table above, it all depends on what kind of work you want to do later with your hammer. Because every hammer is only optimized for certain tasks, so there are certain deficits on the other side.


The weight of a hammer is of course relevant. The heavier a hammer is, the easier it is to hammer in larger nails. In return, however, the accuracy decreases with small nails and the risk that they are crooked when hitting, increases drastically.

Tip: In order to be prepared for as many different nail sizes as possible, we recommend the purchase of a hammer weighing between 500 and 900 grams.

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