Hammer drill comparison 2018

Purchase advice for hammer drill comparison or test 2018

  • Rotary hammers are ideal tools for drilling holes in stone and concrete walls. In them are special percussion, with which even the hardest rock varieties are worn down. They are not suitable for other materials such as wood, metal or plastic.
  • Some rotary hammers can also be switched to mere chiselling or just drilling. The attachments for rotary hammers are particularly solid and have a different shaft than attachments for impact drills. The bits for rotary hammers are called SDS drills.
  • The impact force is specified in joules. The more joule the hammer has, the harder it can smash or drill. High wattage is also usually an indicator of very strong tools.

Hammer drill comparison 2018: drill

In 2010, German industry delivered power tools worth around 1.6 billion euros abroad. German tool goes well in trade. But the market is not only enriched by German manufacturers such as Bosch or Metabo.

Foreign manufacturers are also successful in DIY stores. For example, Japanese manufacturer Makita Corporation generated more than $ 3 billion worldwide in 2015.

So that you can find your way around the variety of manufacturers, we have put together helpful tips for choosing a new hammer drill in our hammer drill comparison 2018.

1. What is a hammer drill and how does it work?

Drills for rotary hammers: SDS drills

Rotary hammers have a different one tool holder (Drill chuck) as classic drills. The standard for the composition of the essays is called SDS. The meaning of the abbreviation is not uniform and will be included Plug-rotating seat, Explained "System Spans" or "Special Direct System". SDS drills have special notches, which makes it easier to transfer the force to the drill bit attachment.

Drill hammers are mainly drilled in stone and concrete. They are perfect for drilling large holes in very hard rock. However, they are less suitable for metal or steel.

hear who's hammering

Unlike hammer or chisel hammer, they not only bounce back and forth, but also rotate like a drill. electrical Hammer drills However, they work a little differently than electrical ones impact drills, In impact drills, the gearbox rotates backwards via a so-called shaft and bounces forward again at the end of the shaft. This is a blow to the drill and thus transferred to the stone, it is at the same time "hammered" and drilled.

In a hammer drill, however, there is a extra percussionthat can develop much more power. It is not with the so-called chuck connected as in the impact drill, whereby less power is lost. The impact mechanism literally strikes the drill bit inside the device.

The chuck is the part that is "fed" with drill bits, so to speak. There will be Chisel and drill bits plugged in. Since drill chucks and attachments are firmly connected in electric drills, the chuck always rotates. This also leads to the aforementioned loss of power.

The flapping motion also helps the rock to cut through the drill bit at the same time smash, However, if you are in soft materials would like to drill, "hammering" drills are counterproductive. Wood would shatter strongly during an electric drill during the impact function and the hole would be dirty.

Not compatible: Attachments for impact drills do not fit into the drill chuck of drill hammers and vice versa. Both machines have different drill chuck systems.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hammer drill compared to a hammer drill:

  • a lot of power
  • extremely robust
  • very loud
  • usable only for stone

The advantages of a hammer drill over a hammer drill are shown in the following video:

2. Which types of rotary hammer are there?

Jackhammer types are categorized by the nature of their drive. There are pneumatic, hydraulic and electric rotary hammers.

pneumatic hammer drill

Hammer drill comparison 2018: hammer

Pneumatic rotary hammers are driven by compressed air. They have a lot of power, but are extremely noisy due to the compressor and weigh more than 40 kilograms. They are very similar to pneumatic hammers (colloquially called jackhammer).


  • Mining
hydraulic hammer drill

Hammer drill comparison 2018: drill

Hydraulic rotary hammers are made to rotate with a liquid (hydraulic fluid). Similar to the air in the pneumatic hammer drill, the hydraulic fluid is conducted under high pressure into the gear of the hammer drill. They are also very strong and loud and weigh up to 150 kilograms.


  • Mining
electric hammer drill

Hammer drill comparison 2018: comparison

The electric hammer drill is much weaker compared to those with hydraulics and pneumatics. However, they are also handier and weigh on average three to four kilograms.


  • handyman
  • craftsman

3. Purchase advice for the hammer under the hammer drills

Hammer drill comparison 2018: comparison

With the power of a hammer drill can also be drilled in steel.

Who wants to buy a new hammer drill, should pay special attention force, speed and handiness of the tool. These and other purchase criteria we have explained in our hammer drill test for you and what is behind it.

3.1. Hammerike power consumption

The power consumption is in watt specified. It shows how much power the device consumes, but also how much power it has in total. The more watt, the bigger the one capacity of the motor.

However, you should also remember that one Cordless Hammer Usually not as much power can offer as a hammer drill to the power grid connected. However, with a battery you are free from the annoying power cable.

Here it applies between Performance and mobility weigh. For occasional home improvement a cordless rotary hammer can be quite enough. But as you approach bigger projects like renovations, you need more power. The hammer drill should then take at least 500 watts.

3.2. Speedforce idle

How fast the rotary hammer can turn can be recognized by the specification of the idling speed. It is given in revolutions per minute (rpm). Height rotational speeds are important for particularly hard stone or concrete. A hammer drill test winner should not fall below the minimum of 3,000 revolutions per minute.

3.3. Unbeatable impact

Hammer drill comparison 2018: 2018

The vibrations of the rotary hammer quickly go into the arms.

However, the highest speed will not hurt you if the tool is not enough clout Has. The power of the rotary hammers is usually in Joule specified. Now you may be surprised why another value is given after the power consumption for the power of the hammer drill.

The power consumption reflects the power of the electric motor. The engine transfers its power to more gears in the hammer, there is a so-called Translation of the force instead of. This means that even more power can be built up. This is similar like one pulleyin which heavy loads are drawn by transferring the forces with little effort. So a hammer drill builds more power through its gearbox than the engine alone can.

In a hammer drill, the force of the gears on the so-called firing pin transferred directly to the drill or chisel attachment at the end of the tool. But the same power goes into the rotary gear that rotates the drill bit. Here, the impact is not just the Force of the striking mechanism, rather also the torque while drilling.

A rotary hammer should not strike at less than 1.7 joules and a good one is at least 2.5 joules strong.

3.4. Drilling, hammering, yes, no, maybe: everything possible with rotation and stroke stop

On some models, turning the drill bit can also be switched off. This feature is used when chiseling. There are corresponding ones chisel essays, In this way, for example, from a Bosch rotary hammer a hammer or chisel hammer.

Does the device also have one impact stopthen hold a true one combihammer in your hands: If you can stop the hammer mechanism in the hammer drill, then the tool is also suitable for drilling in soft materialssuch as wood. Of course, you should not use the rotation stop, otherwise your tool drills just as much as a screwdriver, namely not at all.

3.5. Right-left rotation

If your model next to the stroke stop also the change of right and left rotation, then you can use their hammer drill like a drill. Bear in mind, however, that this can not be set as fine as a drill. A reversible direction of rotation from the left to the right or vice versa has the advantage that wedged drills can free themselves from the wall again.

3.6. So you do not rotate: vibration damping

With all the power and speed of rotation, which brings the hammer with it, he can ever bring you to vibrate. That will long-term very unpleasant and tired the poor, To the stable shocks To soften the tool by the handle, a vibration damping is installed in some professional rotary hammers.

3.7. What matters

Especially during long work not only the vibration is annoying, but eventually the weight. It's worth it for Long-term projects to buy a device that is not the hardest. Under certain circumstances, a lighter but more expensive rotary hammer is cheaper in the long run: Three kilograms are a good guide for light models.

3.8. Feed the drill with: keyless chuck

Hammer drill comparison 2018: hammer

Attachments are changed quickly with a quick-action chuck.

Experienced craftsmen will certainly know the arduous Replacing the drill bits at old drills. Most of the essay had to be done with an extra tool (chuck) be solved or fixed. Keyless Chucks do not require this key and allow a change within seconds.

Who often between different drill bits changes, that will be happy with such a keyless chuck. Here you just have to pull back the lower part of the drill chuck and you can already remove the attachment. Release the part of the drill chuck, it closes automatically and the new attachment sits firmly in the chuck.

4. Drill safely

Hammer drill comparison 2018: comparison

Sharp splinters fly around when chiseling: Protective clothing is a must.

While you may be aware that rotary hammers may be loud, some models do over 100 dB, This comes quite close to the volume of a jetted jet. 85 dB are already considered harmful to the hearing, so it makes sense to one ear protection to carry while working with rotary hammers.

If you work with a rotary hammer, you do not just want to drill a small hole in the wall for a postcard. Drill hammers are designed to produce a sizeable hole, if not even part of the wall. It will be next to Rubble and dirt also a lot of dust. This dust is not conducive to your health, which is why one mouthguard should necessarily belong to your work clothes.

War the dust clouds: If a hole is made in a wall on a construction site, the dirt does not bother anyone. But at the latest, if that's yours living room try, there may be trouble with the roommates. You can prevent that by assisting someone. Your drill assistant sucks while drilling with a vacuum cleaner fall out Debris and dust immediately. So the dust does not fly around the room and does not spoil the crochet work of the grandmother.

In addition, since the shredder also fly the shreds, is one safety goggles hip, trendy, popular. Small pieces of stone can seriously injure your eyes.

Caution reinforced concrete: Walls with reinforced concrete are concrete walls, the inside with a metal grid are reinforced. Such walls are usually raised as exterior or basement walls and rarely as room walls. The metal can be yours Break drill bit and in the worst case even that transmission in the hammer drill. Under no circumstances should you work here with impact drills. There are drill bits with diamond tip for the hammer drill. This tip is hard and sharp enough to cut through steel.

5. Care and maintenance of a hammer drill

Even the best hammer drill has to be maintained. High-quality tools often accompany home improvement and professionals for years. But at some point wearing parts have to be replaced. These include, among others, the carbon brushes of the electric motors in Elektorwerkzeugen.

In the beginning was the brushfire

If you have bought a new power tool, then small sparks coming out of the engine are not unusual. This is called brushfire. It just means that the carbon brushes are "ground in" on the engine. The sparks fly off over time.

However, if the sparks start to increase again after about five years, this may be an indication that the carbon brushes have been "ground down". Then it's time to change them. Individual carbon brushes often cost only a few euros. Which carbon brush is compatible with which tool is on the packaging of the carbon brushes: So make sure that the model name of your tool is listed on the packaging.

Funkenlos: There are now also power tools without carbon brushes, However, these are rather rare.

Every transmission gets its fat away

If you change the carbon brushes, you must unscrew the device. Therefore, it is worthwhile, on the occasion of the same Grease transmission again, Here you should though only proven power tool grease use, as other fats may clump with time or ignite in the already mentioned flying sparks.

A well-maintained power tool can do its job reliably for more than ten years.

If you want to completely avoid sparks and electricity, you can "fantastic" variant a hammer drill by Walter Günther: the hand impact drill. He literally combines drills and hammer together.

Hammer drill comparison 2018: comparison

6. Questions and answers on the subject of rotary hammers

6.1. Who repairs rotary hammers?

Big manufacturers like Hilti or Bosch have their own repair Services, However, they only repair their own devices. So what if the manufacturer of your hammer does not offer such a service? Here come from Manufacturer independent Repair services into play.

As a rule, these workshops have detailed Online price lists On your webpage. When choosing a repair service, look for supported brands or manufacturers because if a workshop specializes in particular manufacturers, chances are they will suitable spare parts has in stock.

6.2. When is a percussion drill and when does a hammer drill make sense?

A drilling machine Although it can be changed over to strike and drill through stone, but with concrete and in particular with reinforced concrete the impact drill finds its border, When it comes to rough, then has a hammer drill ran.

Some Hammer drills turn to turn on drilling, but they are wood or plastic little sensitivity show and may release too much force during drilling. Too much force can shatter the workpiece being drilled.

Ultimately, that is tool holder the bottleneck: For rotary hammers there are usually only drill bits with SDS-shaft (You can read more about that in our hammer drill comparison above). The SDS attachments are mainly designed for rough drilling in stone. For drills on the other hand, there is a lot wide range of drilling attachments with different bore sizes for different materials.

The drilling expertsThe drilling experts from Stiftung Warentest advise: A hammer drill is designed for versatile purposes, whereas the hammer drill is actually only good for large holes in stone walls.

6.3. Which manufacturers and brands of professional rotary hammers are there?

Bosch and Makita are, as with so many tool types, very present in the online shops. The two manufacturers offer a wide range of rotary hammers: For example, rotary hammers from Bosch can be found with batteries or mains connection.A similar squad has Makita. In addition to many given features such as quick chuck or vibration damping most of the tools of the two manufacturers are very robust and powerful.

But other manufacturers, such as Einhell or Metabo, bring machines with similar benefits to the market. It is noticeable, however, that the tools from Bosch and Makita are more compact and lighter with the same performance.

Here is a short list of prominent manufacturers and brands of rotary hammers:

  • Arebos
  • Bavaria
  • Black & Decker
  • Bosch Professional
  • Einhall
  • Hilti
  • Hitachi
  • Makita
  • Metabo

6.4. What does a hammer drill cost?

A good Bosch hammer can ever 200 euro mark crack. However, the best hammer drill does not have to be expensive because it also has good tools in the range of 80 to 120 euros. There are, too powerful devices between 60 and 80 euros, but they are usually much heavier and bulky built.

If you want to buy a rotary hammer, then about 150 euros are quite a reasonable price.

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