Hammerarten - every craftsman his hammer

With hardly any other tool, there is such a great variety as with the hammer. This is because it is needed in almost all trades but is used differently there. An overview of the most important hammer types is given in this article.

Basic subdivision into varieties

Hammer are not only tools, but serve other purposes. First of all, you have to differentiate basically what a hammer is used for.

  • as a tool (rooftop hammer, joiner's hammer, etc.)
  • as representation object (judge hammer, auction hammer, headstone hammer etc.)
  • for medical purposes (Hammer for testing the reflexes)
  • as part of machines (drop hammers, demolition hammers, pneumatic hammers, etc.)

For the DIY enthusiast, of course, especially the different tool hammers are interesting.

tool Hammers

Almost every item has its own special hammer shape. In addition, there are also every hammer usually in different weight. The weight of a hammer is always used to increase or decrease the impact of the blow. Like hammering nails, you should always use the hammer weight and never your own power to regulate the impact.


Some hammers are mainly used for hammering in nails or knocking together workpieces. This includes the classic hammer (Schlosserhammer) as well as the miter or the Ingeneurhammer with a round head.

Hammer with special features

The claw has a claw instead of a point on the head. It is intended for removing nails. Ball hammers are mainly used to drive metals and belong in the blacksmith's workshop, but it also serves for riveting and can be used to hammer in nails flush.

The Mason's Hammer has a casual tip on its front, which is used to punch or slash stones into shape. Even lightweight concrete can be processed, also used the masonry hammer also to cut off plaster.


The "knocking wood" of the carpenter serves as well as the "cube" of the stonemason above all the drift of other tools, such as chisels or chisels. A similar function have the rubber mallet or the "mallet" in mining.

gap Hammers

To split workpieces split hammers are used - among other things also for wood splitting. In many cases, using a split hammer is easier and less strenuous than splitting very large axes.

Tips & Tricks

You should always use a suitable hammer of the right weight for the respective application. If in doubt, let professionals show you which tools to use and how to use them properly.

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