A hammock for the balcony: These models are available

No piece of furniture is more flexible than the hammock, you can simply hang them after use and fold them - that takes at most a few minutes. There are several different types of hammocks with different characteristics. We present you the different models, from the stretchable net hammock on the comfortable hammock to decorative hammock with border and the nostalgic rod hammock. We also do not forget the children's hammocks.

The soft net hammock for deep relaxation on the balcony

The interwoven threads of the net hammock are completely knotless, so the material feels so soft. In addition, the special weaving technique invented in Mexico gives this hammock a special elasticity.

The net hammock is particularly suitable for the diagonal and transverse position, so it should be as wide as possible. The load capacity increases with increasing width, many wide models can carry several people at the same time.

This hammock for the balcony is considered to be very back-friendly and ergonomic, it is said that the person lying in it feels almost weightless. Since the fabric is very elastic, it can be stretched over different distances.

Widely used: the cloth hammock

Known, popular and widely used is the cloth hammock made of solid cotton fabric. This model is often at a lower price than the net hammock, but still offers plenty of comfort.

The hammock made of cloth fabric is not as soft and stretchy as the networked threads, but it is also becoming more comfortable with increasing width. In addition, she has no rods at their ends, but the cloth goes over in suspension ropes.

Also this hammock for the balcony offers an ergonomic lying surface. One-person models have a carrying capacity of about 70 to 140 g, they are suitable for longitudinal and Diagonallage. A 2-person hammock also offers the possibility to lie down comfortably.

Hammocks with staff and edging

Rod hammocks are mainly known from shipping. The spreader bars at both ends of the hammock keep the cloth open and make getting in and out easier.

Hammocks are particularly decorative for the balcony if they have an elaborate edging. Often they exude a romantic or folkloric charm that goes well with a similar style outdoor seating.

Children's hammocks for the youngest

For children and babies there are special children's hammocks for the balcony and the children's room. Even the normal sized hammocks are suitable for the youngest, but if e.g. there is not enough space, special children's models are a nice alternative.

Babies and toddlers fall asleep faster and softer with gentle rocking motion, a small hammock can be wonderfully helpful. If the hammock is mounted on the balcony, there is still plenty of healthy fresh air to the body-friendly lying position.

Tips & Tricks

Most hammocks are made of cotton. Although they are therefore suitable for use on the balcony, but should be stored in the meantime always in a place protected against moisture. Permanent moisture does not do them any good.

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