Hamster Cage Comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Hamsterkäfig Comparison or Test 2018

  • A hamster cage (more rarely: Nagarium) is a lattice cage with a bottom basin made of glass or plastic, which is filled with small animal litter. Hamsters need a lot of space: A double-decker, better three-story enclosure, which has a floor area of ​​about 100 cm², is ideal.
  • A species-appropriate hamster cage offers the small rodent next to plenty of space and plenty of variety: opportunities for digging, running and climbing should be given. Also a playhouse or similar as a retreat is absolutely recommended.
  • In contrast to other rodents, hamsters are loners with a strong territorial behavior and favors and should therefore be kept alone.

Hamster Cage Comparison 2018: glass

Guinea pig, mouse or hamster: Rodents are among the most popular pets of Germans, According to a survey by the Consumption and Media Analysis (VuMa) in 2016, around 1.74 million German households owned at least one rodent (Source: Statista).

Hamsters are originally desert animals that need a lot of space, If you want to keep a hamster, you must pay attention to when buying the appropriate cage. In our hamster cage comparison 2018 you will find the most important information.

1. Glass, plastic and wood: These hamster cage types are there

Two categories of hamster cages sell well both online (e.g., Amazon) and pet stores (such as Dehner): The Glass Hamster Cage and the Wood Hamster Cage. Plastic models are similar to the hamster cage made of glass.

Hamster cage made of glassHamster cage made of wood

Hamster Cage Comparison 2018: comparison

Hamster Cage Comparison 2018: glass

The hamster cage made of glass...

  • has a transparent lower shell made of glass and a wire mesh lid. The advantage here: You can watch your hamster digging.
  • is usually very spacious and offers enough space for plenty of hay in which your rodent can work.
  • is also available as a variant with plastic bottom.
The hamster cage made of wood...

  • consists of a wooden frame. The lid grid is also made of wire.
  • The front and the side parts of the wooden cage are usually made of Plexiglas.
  • There is a potential drawback: Often there is not enough room for enough hay so your hamster can not dig.

2. Buying advice for hamster cages: You must pay attention to this

2.1. Material: We recommend glass

Hamster Cage Comparison 2018: hamster

The bedding should be changed at least once a week.

You have already seen it in the above advisor table: Somewhat more practical is the hamster cage made of glass, This is also easier to clean than the wooden cage.

See the benefits of a glass hamster cage over a wooden hamster cage at a glance:

  • easy cleaning
  • hardly any odor
  • spacious: plenty of space for hay and small animal litter.
  • transparent: You can watch your hamster digging.
  • Knabbergefahr: the door could be angeknabbert or.

Tip: Make sure that there is always enough nibbling material in the form of branches and twigs in the cage so that your hamster does not nibble on the metal grid out of boredom. Hamster incisors are constantly growing and must be scuffed by the hamster itself.

2.2. Dimensions: One square meter is the minimum

Hamster Cage Comparison 2018: 2018

The more nooks, the better: hamsters are nocturnal and shy.

In order to keep your hamster species-appropriate, you must give it sufficient space. We therefore recommend one Enclosure area of ​​at least 100 cm², If this is guaranteed, your rodent can move sufficiently.

Also, the bottom shell or tub regarding the dimensions are important: At least 20 cm in height or depth you should offer her rodentThese should be filled with a generous layer of pet litter so your hamster can dig and dig as the mood takes you. In their natural habitat hamsters live underground and therefore need a lot of space for digging.

Several levels make the cage for your hamster a varied habitat. Two to three floors, which can be designed differently, are the optimum here.

Make a change and set, for example a hamster bike and climbing facilities on one level and a play or sleeping house on another level.

Tip: Suitable for the hamster cage is a medium-bright place in a quiet room, e.g. in the office. Too much sun exposure can harm your hamster, as well as avoiding your pet getting drafts. Also, hamsters can be very scary and want to be left alone.

2.3. You need this equipment

Our hamster cage comparison 2018 comes to the conclusion that a good cage for hamsters has the following features:

  • Bottom: lower shell or tub
  • Grid or walls made of Plexiglas / acrylic glass
  • several levels (2 to 3 floors)
  • Stairs, rockers, tubes and connecting bridges for the levels
  • sleeping house
  • hamster wheel
  • Feeding bowl (to be filled with: fruits, vegetables, dry food, hay)
  • Potions (to be filled with: water)
  • sand bath

The accessories are supplied in self-assembly parts.

Tip: As litter for the hamster cage, we recommend either coarse wood shavings or hay or straw. Litter-wrapped toilet paper or kitchen rolls are a nice change for your rodent.

2.4. Here you buy the best hamster cage

A wide selection of hamster cages can be found in the pet shopand meanwhile also online (for example Amazon). Online you benefit from the variety of different products, the transparent price comparison basis and the experience reports of other buyers.

You can find low-priced models, e.g. from the brands Kerbl, Petgard or Serina. Here you enter for a hamster cagebetween 50 and 80 euros out.

These manufacturers also offer more expensive but better equipped hamster cages. For around 150 to 200 euros You get the highest quality products with many extras.

Frequently bought are hamster cages of Petgard and Ferplast, Get an overview of recommended manufacturers and brands that should not be missing in any hamster cage test:

  • Ferplast
  • Habau
  • Kerbl
  • Leopet
  • Marchioro
  • Petgard
  • Savic
  • Serina
  • Trixie

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