Install a circular saw in the table - is that possible?

Circular saws are found in significantly more do-it-yourself households than table saws. In some cases, a table saw would still be more advantageous - or at least work more comfortable. Whether you can easily install a circular saw in a table, and what you should think about, read here.

Problems during installation

Simply attaching a circular saw to a table that has been cut into a saw groove brings with it several problems:

  • The circular saw can hardly be secured safely and without play
  • the safety when working is not given
  • The circular saw can not be safely operated from the position in front of the table

security concerns

Fundamentally important for safe working with the table saw are the following things:

  • a good and easily accessible on / off switch
  • a firmly mounted splinter guard
  • a fixed cover for the saw blade
  • a trailing edge for the saw blade when it is switched off

All these things can not be ensured when installed in a simple, home-made table or machine table. The required work safety would be given here in any case, by working on such a DIY table would be roughly endangered. Such a DIY is therefore not advisable.

In addition, there are problems to mount a rip fence sufficiently firm and accurate, to install a transverse stop and to ensure a correct position of the saw blade and compliance with the required angle.

Solution: Finished sawing tables

At no cost, there is no professional - and above all secure - solution. Sawing tables for the conversion are available from various manufacturers, often even adapted to the respective circular saw.

These tables are a "real" conversion of the circular saw in a table saw, also the accuracy of cutting and the presence of various attacks are guaranteed. Priced for such tables from around 200 - 250 EUR expected - this is still significantly cheaper than the purchase of a high-quality table saw.

Tips & Tricks

Think from the outset, whether you prefer to buy a classic circular saw or rather a diving saw. For many home improvement tasks, the dive saw is certainly the better alternative, which brings much cleaner cuts.

Video Board: How To Make A Homemade Table Saw With Circular Saw