Use a circular saw correctly - you must pay attention to this

The circular saw is a real universal tool for DIY enthusiasts. It may replace many other tools, such as a table saw or a chop saw. How to use the circular saw correctly, and how to make clean cuts, shows you this post.

Check before starting work

The following short check should be carried out before each start of work:

  • Is the circular saw in order, has visible damage?
  • Is the saw blade intact, does it look worn or uneven? Is it stuck?
  • Is the riving knife firm and in order?
  • Is the protective cover in order?
  • Is the cutting depth of the circular saw enough for the project?
  • Is the workpiece firmly clamped? (important!)
  • Is any existing guide rail firmly and securely mounted and technically in order (without visible damage)?
  • Tight-fitting clothes, goggles on? Hearing protection (possibly)?
  • Cable cleared out of the way?

This short check, if you let it become a habit, brings a significant safety gain when working with the circular saw. Accidents with circular saws can always be bad, so you should always exercise sufficient caution.

Put cuts with the circular saw - that's the way it works

  • workpiece
  • Handkreissäge
  • ev. Guide rail

1. Carry out a safety check

Check the above points briefly - it only takes a minute.

2. Clamp workpiece

Clamp the workpiece firmly. Mark the cutting line (unless you use a guide rail). If you briefly tear the cut line, avoid splintering. For circular saws with splinter protection this is not necessary.

3. Attach a circular saw

Put on the circular saw and check that you have set it exactly at the cutting line. The saw blade must NOT touch the workpiece here.

4. sawing

Turn on the saw and guide it to the workpiece in a controlled manner. The saw blade may contact the workpiece FIRST NOW. Saw it quietly and with little pressure, let the saw work instead of pushing it forward with force

Tips & Tricks

It is best not to wear gloves when working with the circular saw. You can guide and control them better. Always hold the circular saw with both hands and guide it with moderate pressure and always controlled.

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