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  • Mobile and efficient: that's what a hand vacuum cleaner should be like. Operated with an integrated rechargeable battery, the small vacuum cleaners can be used almost everywhere: in the car, in the basement or on the sofa.
  • Due to their low weight of only about two kilograms, you can easily transport the hand vacuum cleaner and hold it in your hand.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaners without a bag are now the rule. In the housing of the battery sucker is, as in a regular bagless vacuum cleaner, a container that catches the dirt.

Hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: vacuum

Whether long or short on leather or fabric: Animal hair on the couch is an inevitable side effect when you live with a pet under a roof. 58 percent of those living in Germany live with at least one pet. (Source: Institute for Demoscopy Allensbach).

Announce a visit at short notice or shoveling your cat some potting soil on the ground, the handle to the large vacuum cleaner is often a time-consuming affair.

Hand vacuum cleaners are handy everyday helpersthat can eliminate small dirt spots in the garden and household with just a handshake. Conveniently attachable to the wall and operated with a rechargeable battery, quickly eliminate crumbs and Co.

In our hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018 we would like to bring you in a clear purchase advice the quality characteristics of a hand vacuum cleaner closer, above all the suction power, the container volume and the battery life. In addition, we present you our hand vacuum cleaner comparison winner.

Are you looking for a special cleaning device such as a car vacuum cleaner? Then perhaps the following comparisons are of interest to you:

  • For comparison, the car vacuum cleaner
  • For comparison, the ash vacuum

1. Can be used outdoors without pitfalls: Wireless battery suckers facilitate quick cleaning in between

Hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: 2018

Without much effort you can operate thanks to the mobile hand vacuum cleaner in an unlimited range of action.

The mobile suckers are characterized by their flexibility. In contrast to the conventional vacuum cleaner, they are not tied to the presence of a power outlet. A battery in the housing of the device, the hand vacuum cleaner is powered.

The battery life lasts on average between 5 and 30 minutes. The duration of the operation varies depending on the suction power of the hand vacuum cleaner, The suction nozzle is firmly attached to the housing and not attached to a separable suction tube.

thanks to the low weight of at most 2 kilograms The vacuum cleaner can be easily transported. This is remarkable, considering that inside is also the motor of the vacuum cleaner, which you mitstemmen when lifting the device. If this is processed neatly and does not drag, this increases the suction power once again. The engine creates a negative pressure that causes the dirt in the Dust collector of the vacuum cleaner is sucked. Hand vacuum cleaners with bags are very rare to find.

2. Purchase criteria for hand vacuum cleaner: You must pay attention to this

2.1. The suction power

Hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: hand

As hand vacuum cleaners do not require a bag, you can also absorb moisture with the appropriate performance.

Can you remove the dirt that bothers you without great effort and time? When it comes to finding the best hand vacuum cleaner, this question should be indispensable. The suction power of a hand vacuum cleaner is depending on factors such as the nature of the dirt to be absorbed and the substrate to be cleaned, Technical components such as the physical structure of the vacuum cleaner additionally influence the quality of the quick cleaning.

The suction power, however, is given in units of watts and can be read. The size, which is also interpreted as efficiency, denotes the power consumption of the hand vacuum cleaner. In short, how much electricity does the hand vacuum cleaner pull?

A high power consumption is no guarantee for strong suction powerbut it can definitely be an indication. So do not let yourself be impressed by a high wattage. The wattages of the devices can be compared only within a device category with each other. A cordless vacuum cleaner has a much lower power consumption due to its energy source than a handheld vacuum cleaner with power cord.

2.2. The design of the hand vacuum cleaner

Its structure is closely related to the suction power of a hand vacuum cleaner. As a rule, handheld vacuum cleaners are only slightly larger than a shoebox and it may seem banal to deal with the appearance of the devices. Nevertheless, there are things that you should include in your purchase decision.

  • suction opening: The smaller the suction opening, the higher the vacuum that acts on the dirt. Conversely, this means for the hand vacuum cleaner that crumbs and animal hair are better absorbed.
  • Length of the suction tube: The shorter the path from the suction port to the interior of the engine, the better the cleaning performance.

2.3. The battery power

removable battery

If the battery life slows down, you usually do not have to worry. Well-known hand vacuum cleaner manufacturers such as Dyson have a strong spare parts repertoire and replace a damaged battery in the warranty period of the device without a grunt. Pick up your proof of purchase well.

Probably the most practical thing about the hand vacuum cleaner: you do not have to worry about getting yourself tangled up with sucking. The mobile vacuum cleaner usually comes without a power cable when vacuuming. Some hand vacuum cleaners are designed for mains operation. These are to be regarded as a small and agile vacuum cleaner.The battery of a hand vacuum cleaner lasts between 8 and 30 minutes and is located inside the vacuum cleaner housing.

What sounds scary at first, is usually sufficient to quickly rid the car seats of crumbs or remove animal hair from the sofa. Handheld vacuum cleaners are built for quick and efficient cleaning effect.

If you would like to buy a vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction levels, please note that adjusting the suction level also varies the power consumption.

Choosing a low suction level to remove light soiling may well be a positive side effect. We present you the Advantages and disadvantages of a low absorption level in contrast to a high suction level at a glance:

  • lower power consumption
  • lower noise level
  • longer battery life
  • also for sensitive surfaces such as of Eletrogeräte suitable
  • lower suction power
  • Suction takes much longer with stuck dirt

2.4. The container volume

Hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cleaner

Clear trays help you to see if the vacuum cleaner is already full.

The dust container holds 0.2 to 1 liter and is about the size of a small water bottle. Plan to buy a hand vacuum cleaner, reconsider its purpose.

A hand vacuum cleaner with bag you will have to search long. Ecologically sensible, the dirt that you absorb ends up inside the case. Since the Akkuauger in itself has only small dimensions, it is not surprising that the capacity of the small device is not particularly large.

If you want to tackle animal hair, a small dust container is usually sufficient for your purposes. If you need the hand vacuum cleaner more often to remove dirt such as crumbs and broken glass, we recommend a hand vacuum cleaner with a larger container volume of min. 0.75 l.

2.5. The nozzle types

You can usually purchase useful accessories for the hand vacuum cleaner as an option. With nozzle sets you can adapt the functionality of your vacuum cleaner to your needs. If you have furniture with sensitive surfaces in the living room and not every little corner and edge can clean your furniture with a duster, there is the matching hand vacuum cleaner attachment for you. We present the most common types of vacuum cleaner nozzles in the following overview:


Hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: comparison

  • narrow with elongated but small suction opening
  • is suitable for inaccessible places such as
  • also available with brush attachment - dissolves dirt better
Combination nozzle

Hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: comparison

  • similar functionality as the standard nozzle in the cylinder vacuum cleaner
  • also called universal nozzle
  • Mixture of simple suction tube and lightweight brush attachment
  • Dirt pick-up possible from most surfaces
furniture brush

Hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: hand

  • on low suction level also suitable for cleaning of electrical appliances
  • covered with soft bristles - prevent scratching of sensitive surfaces
  • also called furniture brush

3. Experiences with hand vacuum cleaners: That recommends Stiftung Warentest

The testing institute deals regularly with vacuum cleaners. In a test of hand vacuum cleaners in test Issue 02/2016, the Foundation has focused primarily on the wireless devices, which are referred to as Stabstaubsauger. These devices are characterized by their long rod, which connects the floor nozzle with the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cleaner

A cordless vacuum cleaner, here a model of AEG, also creates the cleaning of larger areas.

However, this does not apply to the devices from our comparison. A hand vacuum cleaner test winner, the Foundation has not chosen. She even has the poor suction power and short battery life from the special shape wand rechargeable battery sucker faulted.

Because the Handheld vacuum cleaner but not used like ordinary vacuum cleaners anyway and their use is temporarily very limited, you can orientate yourself on our hand vacuum cleaner comparison winner, if you are looking for a nippy teat, you can take for quick cleaning in the hand.

4. Questions and answers about hand vacuuming

4.1. How do I charge the battery of the hand vacuum cleaner?

Most handheld vacuum cleaners have one Battery charger included, For the most part, however, the batteries of the handheld vacuum cleaner are firmly connected to the housing, so you need to move the entire device close to a power outlet.

Often you can stow the hand vacuum cleaner with the supplied wall mount space-saving and convenient and load at the same time.

Our tip: Do not store the hand vacuum cleaner outside in the garage when it gets cold. Temperatures below 10° C can accelerate the aging of the battery, warns the Federal Environmental Agency.

4.2. How to clean the filter of a hand vacuum cleaner?

Hand vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: 2018

If the vacuum cleaner filter is too dirty, you must change or clean it.

Like a vacuum cleaner, a vacuum cleaner should have a dust filter that you can clean. The filter reduces the amount of dust that is blown out of the vacuum cleaner during the suction process. At the end of the vacuum cleaner, where the handle is mounted, there is a mechanism for opening the rear flap. Alternatively, simply unscrew the dust collector and see the filter directly. Underneath is the dust filter, which, if so declared by the manufacturer, can be washed out.
Otherwise, replace the filter with a new one as soon as it is too dirty.

4.3. Are there any manufacturers who specialize in hand vacuum cleaners?

If you rarely use your vacuum cleaner, your premise may be to buy the vacuum cleaner cheap, for example, from Clatronic or One Concept. However, if you have strong hairy animals, it is best to invest in a more expensive product.

AEG, Dyson and Philips are not only known by name and therefore a little higher priced, but also have a well-established customer service. Most of the more popular manufacturers have one longer parts warranty, We provide you with an overview of the best-known brands:

  • AEG
  • Black + Decker
  • Bosch
  • clatronic
  • Cleanmaxx
  • Dirt Devil
  • Dyson
  • Evertop
  • HoLife
  • Hoover
  • Medion
  • Miele
  • One Concept
  • Philips
  • Rowenta
  • Ryobi
  • Severin
  • Siemens
  • Sinbo

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