Handrail - diameter and material

A handrail should be placed on each staircase to the right, in a downward direction. This handrail should be smooth but not slippery and it should also be easy to get around. Therefore, a handrail has a certain minimum diameter. Here we show you the important data for the diameter of the handrail and the suitable materials.

Material for handrails

The materials for the handrail should be as comfortable as possible on the hands. For example, a handrail made entirely of steel outdoors is not always ideal. In winter, the hands may even freeze for a short while, in summer the metal may be unpleasantly hot from sunlight.

  • stole
  • Steel coated with plastic
  • Wood / different types of wood
  • thick rope (not allowed everywhere)

Diameter of the handrail

According to DIN 18040, a handrail should consistently have a diameter of between 3 and 4.5 centimeters. The handrail should be installed at a height of 85 to 90 centimeters. The prescribed railing height is slightly different in the individual state building regulations.

DIN handrail and DIN stairs

There are actually enough regulations in Germany. Also with the DIN regulations for stairs and handrails there are different regulations. While DIN 18040 specifies the above-mentioned rather narrow values, DIN 18065 is not quite as strict and prescribes a width of a handrail between 2.5 and a maximum of 6 centimeters.

Shape of the handrail

A handrail does not necessarily have to be completely round. It can also be used oval handrails. Although allowed are also angular banisters and handrails, but these are not so easy and comfortable grip.

  • with a step width over 1.50 meters two handrails should be attached
  • with a step width over 4.00 meters, the staircase must be divided into two equal stair sections
  • additionally with a step width over 4.00 meters an intermediate railing in the middle

Tips & Tricks

As described above, handrails made of thick rope or so-called rope are not necessarily allowed. Again, of course, in your private rooms, you can attach such a rope quite. However, you should attach the rope as tight as possible with intermediate brackets. The rope should not sag at any point.

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