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The medium-sized family business Leitermann was founded in 1869 and operates in East Thuringia and Western Saxony seven construction, specialty and garden markets. Since the opening of the online shop handwerker-versand.de in 2004, the company also acts as a supraregional supplier in the DIY and home improvement industry. Let's take a look at the offer.

In spite of the abundance of articles and offers, lets-rebuild.com-versand.de refrained from overpricing them on the start page. Instead, page structure and navigation are characterized by great clarity. We also like the simple search and the useful product presentations. The assortment is large and special, because it focuses mainly on the areas of tools, workshop and occupational safety. A plus are the used machines.

Although the notepad is missing, shopping can be done quickly and easily. Shopping cart and customer account are easy to operate. The many payment methods and the shipping costs of 5,99 € also for forwarding goods are a plus, the long shipping however a minus. In return you can leave 30 days for the return in return. Via customer account or customer service you can initiate this yourself.

The customer service is very helpful and endeavors. In our test, the contact did not work properly due to technical problems of the company. But one notices on the basis of the hotline to the local rate, the many service offers and numerous information on the website, that competence and customer orientation with handwerker-versand.de capitalized.

Customers and companies can use different social media to contact each other and share content. Handwerker-versand.de continues the service idea at the level of mobile devices with an iPhone app. Although this is useful, but not a substitute for the online store, which is unfortunately a bit difficult to use on a tablet.

Website and navigation

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: shop

Simple structure and trustworthy impression

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: online

The website is decorated in different shades of green and yellow and is characterized by a very clear and clear structure. In addition to two different navigation areas - below the header and on the left - in the center of the start page there are a few selected product images and text with hints on current blog posts. The greyed out and in several horizontal structured area below offers many helpful links to the topics handwerker-versand.de, information, service, security and Mach! In addition, some short texts about prices, products and shopping experience at handwerker-versand.de. In addition to the navigation to the articles and brands, the left-hand column also contains information about newsletters, good buying arguments and use of the online shop.

All in all, the online shop makes a professional impression during our test. Already on the start page is clearly referred to the large number of payment methods, the 30-day right of withdrawal and 180-day return policy and the use of the SSL security process. In addition, handwerker-versand.de in 2008 winner in the category of retailers in the competition craftsman of the year. Since the associated logo has similar colors as the company, it is unfortunately somewhat inconspicuous in the header of the website. The lack of more well-known certificates and test seals meets handwerker-versand.de with the category evaluation in the Top navigation, which gives information over each individual evaluation of the existing customers. At the time of the test, this was 4.79 out of 5 possible points in terms of customer satisfaction.

Conclusive navigation and many categories

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: shop

The top navigation clearly summarizes all the important aspects of purchasing: my account, login, blog, questions, rating, information, contact and the search function. Both the customer login and the product search are differentiated by color from the other categories. The shopping cart also receives a clear distinction by being the only function integrated into the header.
The range in the page navigation is divided into the following 15 categories: Hand tools, power tools, power tool accessories, workshop supplies, operating supplies, office equipment, electrical & installation, home & renovate, work safety, fittings & hardware, fastening technology, domestic and pet supplies, garden, barbecue and Promotions & Coupons. Directly below, the category second-hand machines is listed in different colors.

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: service

If you move the mouse over the individual categories, a menu opens with all the corresponding subcategories. If you select a category, you will find not only a category description but also tips on blog posts and a contact form for questions. You can see that handwerker-versand.de has a lot of competence and also shows - in all areas of the website. Finally, once you have selected a particular product group, you can narrow down the selection of items displayed by the filter price range and manufacturer. The selection can also be sorted according to the categories offers, novelty, price and alphabet. And although you can already see the customer reviews or delivery times in the article overview, these are unfortunately not offered as a sorting criterion. Nevertheless, one can navigate quickly through the detailed structured assortment.

Product range and pricing

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: shop

Special assortment and fair prices

The offer of handwerker-versand.de includes about 50,000 articles for customers from the commercial and private sector. The range of the online shop is thus much larger than that of many other providers in the construction and DIY sector. It must be kept in mind, however, that the product range is limited to specific product areas and does not correspond to that of an average stationary construction market. Although there is also gardening, barbecues, pets and car needs, the focus is clearly on hand tools, power tools, factory equipment, construction chemicals and occupational safety. Larger bulky items such as bathtubs or kitchenettes are not offered. There are, on the one hand, articles specially selected for the online shop and, on the other, even second-hand machines, which the company buys and sells from its customers.

handwerker-versand.de offers a large selection of brands at fair prices. A special service of handwerker-versand.de is also the opportunity for customers to make proposals for offers and promotional items. So there is a Geht's-auspicious button for a voting form on the right side of the article display. Every two weeks, the top 3 of the selected articles are published in the newsletter and may also be offered cheaper. In general, the offers and promotions apply only to the online store, so it may be worthwhile to browse it. The search for a router resulted in 41 hits from our online shop test, from which our searched Bosch router was slightly cheaper than the manufacturer's recommended price. The cheapest 300-gram mallet hammer was even the cheapest, the cheapest hammer drill was a bit more expensive than the average in the test.

Product search and presentation

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: handwerker-versand

Simple search function

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: customer

As a product search, the online shop handwerker-versand.de offers the search function on the top right. There you will get suggestions for categories and product names while entering the search term. Even if you can not make any presets, you can rely on the product search. The displayed hits are very precise.

The results allow the category, manufacturer and price filters to be narrowed down and then sorted by relevance, name and price. Unfortunately, the sorting criteria offers and novelty offered in the individual product groups are no longer available. And the visibly displayed customer ratings or delivery times are not a sorting criterion. We think that's a pity. For that we find the cart button super. Because with it you can put an article immediately in the shopping cart, without this extra must be called. So you can buy the desired product even faster, which was a router from Bosch in our test.

Informative product presentation

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: handwerker-versand

The presentation of the required router is clear and informative. However, there is only one manufacturer's photo. The article description, however, is detailed and offers a variety of data on the technical equipment and accompanying accessories including item number. The price, shipping and article information is clearly arranged. The additional categories reviews, questions, blog, referral and financing are helpful. So learns in the reviews on how the product has cut off in other practice testers such as home improvement practice or self the man, or in the blog, in which practice projects the device can be used. The display of related products and other purchases of other customers complete the product presentation. Apart from the missing hints to further accessories we like the article display pretty well. When displaying the prices, you also notice that handwerker-versand.de is also active in the business-to-business trade and indicates the net prices.

Online shop: purchasing, shipping and payment methods

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: customer

No notepad and fast shopping cart function

When inserting an article, only the display of the basket on the top right changes. This is on the one hand comfortable, because you can continue shopping immediately and without annoying demand. On the other hand, you have to be careful because otherwise you can put an article unnoticed in the shopping cart.

The shopping cart always shows how many items are in it and how much the total amount of the purchase is. The Fax button also indicates that the order does not necessarily have to be online, but can also be made via fax. This is a nice service, but you wonder why that should do that. And what is still missing is a notepad, as in many online stores of hardware stores and mail order companies

Detailed information on purchasing

As a registered customer of handwerker-versand.de you can change or add personal data and billing and delivery addresses in the customer account. During an ordering process, you can also specify a packing station. You can also view order information in the customer account, follow the delivery with a tracking link, print invoices and submit article reviews. In the order history, the communication between company and customer is displayed in detail.

Good shipping costs and many payment methods
Unfortunately, standard shipping costs more than many competitors: € 5.99. For this price applies unrestricted for all orders, d. H. also for a garden shed or a carport. A special service of lets-rebuild.com-versand.de is shipping to countries outside Germany. The cost of packages up to 5 kg depending on the country between 9.98 € and 65.98 €. With larger delivery higher delivery costs may apply. The delivery time in Germany is between three to four days or one to four weeks. The information on shipping costs and duration can also be found for each article in the product presentation. So always knows exactly how much you pay for shipping and how long you have to wait for his goods. You can also pick up the goods locally in the Göpfersdorf branch.

If you pick up locally you can also pay cash. Otherwise offers handwerker-versand.de except direct debit and financial purchase the following payment options: prepayment, Sofortüberweisung, cash on delivery, financial purchase, invoice, PayPal and credit card. These many payment options are already clearly highlighted on the start page as Ions in the gray area. We decided in our test of the online shop for the prepayment.


Pick up on the spot: free
Standard: 5,99 €
Abroad: up to 65.98 € (up to 5 kg, otherwise higher)

Payment methods:

Credit card
Payment in advance

Slow shipping

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: service

The order, payment and shipping confirmation came via e-mail. Where in the latter unfortunately no tracking link was available. To track the shipment, you must log in to the customer account. The invoice also comes via e-mail, but can also be printed out via the customer account.

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: shop

In our test, we had to arrive at the package as penultimate with us. Six days has taken the shipping. The package was otherwise in perfect condition and had been stably packed with bubble cushions.

Returns and service

Long return period and helpful customer service

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: online

The package was in the test of the online shop neither invoice nor returns note included, so you initially learn nothing about the return conditions. But you can easily get both by calling the customer account or by telephone contact to handwerker-versand.de takes. A special service is that you can initiate a return yourself via the customer account. After completing the return form, you will receive an e-mail with a return slip and a return label. For the return you can leave more time than usual. The deadline is 30 days for a withdrawal and even 180 days for a return. handwerker-versand.de fortunately did not waste time with the refund. After ten days we received the refund.

The hotline can be reached at a reasonable local rate. However, this is always only from Monday to Friday from 7 to 19 clock available. At the time of testing, the company apparently had problems with its technology. Only after several attempts we have been able to reach the customer service. Due to technical issues, our return order was probably not recorded correctly, so we had to wait in vain for an e-mail with a return label and call again. Both times, the customer service was extremely helpful, but strangely refrained from pointing out the reverse of the customer account. We are particularly pleased that on the website, the contact persons are all presented with name, photo, position and e-mail address. This makes it easier to connect with the company.

Will or have to do without the service by phone, you can also help with the help of the categories questions and information in the top navigation. And also the additional service offers are welcome. There is a glossary and even a video guide that will answer frequently asked questions from little Emil. It may be that not everyone will like Emil. At any rate, shopping looks like child's play.

Social media and mobile devices

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: online

Social media offensive

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: customer

handwerker-versand.de points out at the end of the homepage that it has not overslept the trend of social media. Under the heading Mach join! Not only do you find hints that you want to become a partner or product tester for handwerker-versand.de, you also discover the links to the social media profiles of the company highlighted with colored icons. handwerker-versand.de is represented on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Through these channels, customers can also like products or share and distribute blog posts.

Only gradually on the move on mobile devices

Handwerker-versand.de online shop im: service

Handwerker-versand.de also offers a service for the mobile devices sector, namely the iPhone app Toolbox. As the name suggests, it is not a full version of the online store. Instead, you get the most important craftsman and DIY tools such as protractor, spirit level, vernier caliper, plumb bob, flashlight and pocket calculator.

A mobile version for smartphones or tablets did not exist at the time of the test. On a tablet, the website even appears with wallpaper, which is why the page seems even smaller compared to those of other competitors. Otherwise, the structure and operation of the shop are the same - with the small difference that eliminates all menus that usually appear with the mouse pointer.

overall rating

True to the motto "50,000 articles for private and business" is the online store for both craftsmen and home improvement and hobbyists to recommend. All you have to do is remember that handwerker-versand.de specializes primarily in tooling, workshop and occupational safety. handwerker-versand.de scores with expertise and customer orientation. Exemplary is therefore the use in the field of social media. However, the high shipping costs and long delivery times can be improved.

3.6 out of 5 stars

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