Hard and soft water - these differences are important

Based on the different degrees of hardness you can divide water into hard water and soft water. The degree of hardness of water has a significant impact on many areas, including the health and life of machinery. Everything you need to know about hard and soft water can be found here.

hardness Categories

The permanent hardness of the water is measured in degrees of hardness and divided into hardness categories.

Since the reform of the categories of washing and cleansing agents by the Bundestag in 2007, there are now only three categories of hardship:

  • soft
  • medium and
  • hard

The formerly used category "very hard" is missing with the reform. It is now part of the category "hard". The limits were slightly adjusted in WRMG - the soft water limit has been increased from 1.3 mmol / l to 1.5 mmol / l.

Influence of water hardness on machines

Machinery and equipment can quickly calcify in hard water. This applies to both different household appliances and industrial plants, which are traversed by water.

Either an elaborate water softening or a frequent descaling of the equipment must be carried out. The lifespan of equipment, machinery and equipment is significantly reduced by hard water.

It is also consumed washing clothes more detergent. Even from the category "medium", a fabric softener must be used. In addition, hard water makes problems especially when heating.

Influence of water hardness on health

Too much water can be detrimental to your health. This is especially true when drinking heavily calcareous water frequently and in large quantities.

Influence of water hardness on plants

Plants tolerate strongly calcareous water very badly. For the supply of plants water should therefore be as softened as possible.

Tips & Tricks

The water hardness does not affect the washing performance of all detergents. Modern surfactants are basically just as effective with hard water as with softer water. The lifetime of washing machines can be much shorter due to calcification.

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