Hard as a board! Can I soften my sofa?

Actually, the sofa should be a really cozy, soft place, where the after-work hours for well-being evening. Unfortunately, reality sometimes deviates too much from wishful thinking, and the "comfortable" seating proves as hard as a board. How nice that in most cases something can be done about it!

So your hard couch will be pleasantly soft

Either the upholstery has always been hard or it's been so messed up after all these years that it's no good anymore. In any case, you need to start in this area if you want to soften your sofa.

First of all, check whether the seat cover has a zip or button closure somewhere, so that you can comfortably get to the upholstery. If this is not the case, unfortunately you have to cut one or the other seam to get to the inside.

If you need to cut the cover, preferably choose a hidden seam at the back or bottom, whichever is possible. You can close the whole thing afterwards with practical sewing powder.

Replace the padding to soften the sofa

If you have already opened the cover before, we recommend that you remove the entire old pad and insert a new one. Because often accumulate over the years a lot of dirt, germs and mites inside, which you can dispose of the same with.

What is the best way to replace the old upholstery? Two cost-effective materials are available to make your life easier:

  • foam
  • microbeads

If you decide on microbeads, there is a need to make sure that you do not fill the cover too tightly: otherwise you will again create a hard surface!

If your sofa has springs, it may be better to cover them with a layer of foam. Use your choice of previous upholstery thickness and how much space the cover provides.

Tips & Tricks

If these interventions all seem to be too time-consuming, you can even try it with a cuddly throw or a thick fur blanket: These soft accessories just lay on the sofa, and it feels more comfortable!

Product Image: gibleho / Shutterstock

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