Head of buying advice: telescopic ladder, aluminum ladder, stepladder etc.

Aluminum ladder, telescopic ladder, staircase - always the right application

Head of buying advice: telescopic ladder, aluminum ladder, stepladder etc.: buying

Many do-it-yourself accidents happen through falls as tables or chairs are used to reach higher ground. Almost everyone owns a ladder, forgets to use it at the right time or is unsuitable for the task at hand.

Ladders come in different shapes and for different applications. Which and how many do you actually need? It is crucial to know the different models first and foremost. Only those who know which ladder is used for which task can make the right choice.

We would therefore like to shed more light on the most important types of conductors, introduce the application areas and thus support the purchasing decision. The right ladder always ensures a good footing and reduces the risk of accidents. Anyone who invests in a good ladder can use it for a lifetime.

Safety tips for handling ladders

Ladders support safety when applied correctly, but are also not entirely harmless. If they slip away or a kick is missed, this can cause dangerous bone fractures. Especially the open rung guide can cause you to get stuck with your legs and can not "control" the fall. In addition, in many cases, the ladder is also torn down and causes additional injuries. To avoid this, important things have to be considered:

  • Always ensure a firm footing of the ladder.
  • Use ladders only on non-slip surfaces or with rubber feet.
  • Wear sturdy shoes on ladders.
  • Only use ladders with TÜV GS certification.
  • Note the purpose of the ladder.
  • Do not lean over the work area of ​​the ladder.

If all points are taken into account, ladders improve safety at work and enable access to higher areas.

Laying ladder: Ladders in their simplest form

Head of buying advice: telescopic ladder, aluminum ladder, stepladder etc.: advice

Anlegeleitern in different lengths

Anlegelderern form the original form of all ladders. Two spars are connected by several rungs and allow the rise to different heights. Up to a reasonable size, ladders can be easily transported and stowed. Without moving parts or mechanisms, they are very robust and set up quickly, but require a level surface, as an inclined footprint affects the entire length of the ladder.

In addition to their fairly simple structure and thus the usually cheap purchase price, but has the rigid shape of the Anlegeleitern also their disadvantages. As the name implies, mooring ladders must always be placed on a stable surface, they can not stand on their own, such as household or extension ladders.

Their working height is also very limited. Zthey are also available in a very long design, but require an equally large storage space and transportation is fast becoming an unsolvable problem.

Leaning ladders are always very similar in their construction but may differ in details. The The origin material of the ladder is woodbut as with all other ladders, will too here aluminum is preferred, which provides good stability while reducing weight.

But above all, aluminum makes it possible to further improve a simple ladder. Thus, the two spars do not always run parallel, but can go further apart in the stand area, which increases the stability, An adjustable base on the lower part of the ladder can also enhance comfort. This foot in the shape of a bow can be adjusted laterally and adapted to uneven ground. Even on sloping surfaces, such a ladder can just be set up.

Telescopic Ladder: Space-saving, safe and flexible in size

Head of buying advice: telescopic ladder, aluminum ladder, stepladder etc.: advice

Example of a telescopic ladder

Anyone who needs a siding ladder, but would like to save space or possibly transport it frequently, accesses a telescopic ladder.

Sometimes not very cheap, they are by a special technology the purest space miracle, Inserted, they only have a height of less than a meter, but reach up to five meters. An ingenious mechanism allows the individual fields to engage securely and retract easily at the press of a button.

The mechanism that secures the conductor elements should work safely at any time and under any condition. That is why it is important to buy telescopic ladders tested safety and a good build quality to pay attention. The more complicated the structure of a ladder, the safer its technology must work.

Aluleiter / Head of household: The classic for the household

Head of buying advice: telescopic ladder, aluminum ladder, stepladder etc.: head

Aluminum folding step ladder

It should not be missing in any household - the household ladder. Often referred to as a ladder, it differs primarily by an additional upper tread and a headband, which provides more security.

Household ladders have an average of about four or five steps and reach with their additional tread a stand height of about one meter. Plus body size arise Working heights of up to three meters, which is absolutely sufficient in most houses and apartments. When folded, they are easy to transport and store in the utility room or behind a cupboard.

Ladders have emerged with the production of ladders made of aluminum and steel, because only here the additional tread could be implemented in conjunction with a folding mechanism meaningful. Therefore, household ladders consist almost exclusively of metal. Variants made of wood are also available, but these usually have only a headband and rarely a tread.

In terms of weight and space requirements, aluminum ladders are to be preferred. Fluted or rubberized treads provide a non-slip standwhich is not lost even when it comes to damp steps, such as those frequently encountered during renovation work. Ladders made of wood are generally at a disadvantage, as wet wood lubricates, which increases the risk of slipping.

Folding step: compact, practical, good

The average height of the people is about 170 cm, so many heights are adjusted to this size.

Children and adults with lower body height may find it difficult to reach upper shelves or the contents of wall cabinets. Sometimes only a few centimeters are needed to reach the rear glasses in the kitchen cabinet or to attach the freshly washed curtains to the curtain rail. A few inches that would improve the working height and provide a more comfortable or safe working position.

Klaptritte may have the form of a small ladder with tread or be constructed similar to a footstool.

Its folding mechanism saves space and quickly stows it behind the cabinet or under the seat. An advantage is their increased tread, which is significantly wider than ladder levels and thus improves the stability. Especially children benefit from small folding plastic steps that they can carry themselves and with which they comfortably reach the kitchen cupboard to follow or help with the kitchen work.

Painter's ladder made of wood: professional and environmentally friendly

Head of buying advice: telescopic ladder, aluminum ladder, stepladder etc.: advice

Painter ladders are traditionally made of wood

At first glance, painter ladders hardly differ from stepladders or so-called goat ladders. However, they have in most cases special features that make them predestined for use as painter conductors.

  • Professional painter ladders are not made of aluminum or steel, but of wood. Steel would rust under the often high humidity and alumium may leave black spots on other materials such as wallpaper upon contact. If heavily soiled, wooden ladders can be easily sanded off and cleaned.
  • Instead of an upper tread, painter ladders often have a shelf for work material. Additional hooks on the bars, facilitate the attachment and holding of paint buckets or cans.
  • The rungs of a painter's ladder can be constructed very differently. On the one hand, wide treads ensure a good and comfortable stand, on the other hand, rungs that are set upright offer a good landing possibility, if the ladder is not used in full height. Many painter leaders therefore have differently arranged sprouts. The lower ones are horizontally attached to ensure a good footing, while the upper ones are vertical so that they offer a good contact surface for the body.

Multi-purpose and stair ladder: The all-rounder

Head of buying advice: telescopic ladder, aluminum ladder, stepladder etc.: head

Multipurpose or multi-purpose ladder

Multipurpose ladders or articulated ladders can do almost anything: usually they are foldable two or three times on a stable hinge and thus fulfill the most varied tasks in the house and garden or on the construction site.

This way, many articulated ladders can be set up and locked as normal stepladders by folding down the middle hinge. The clou, however, is the use as scaffolding, for example for ceiling painting: If the two outer segments folded down front and back, creates a stable framework with a frequently sufficient height.

With the locking of all joints, multi-purpose ladders can also be converted into a large laying ladder.

A special form or special equipment have staircases, They make that possible Set up even if the ground has different heights - as on a staircase - has. The implementation can be realized very differently by joints or extendable and thus adjustable spars. Also interchangeable feet, with which the ladder itself can be put together, offers a possibility.

As with all ladders with adjustment mechanisms and joints, good workmanship and function must also be taken into account for multi-purpose and ladder ladders to ensure lasting safety.

Schiebeleiter: If sometimes it has to be more

Head of buying advice: telescopic ladder, aluminum ladder, stepladder etc.: ladder

Versatile extension ladder

extension ladders consist of two or more parts, which can be used to extend the ladder. They are often used by homeowners because they are versatile and sometimes reach enormous working heights. They can be stowed to save space and in many cases require only one third or less space of their actually usable length.

Their structure differs primarily in the number of elements used. If the extension ladder consists of two parts, it can only be extended with the sliding function, thus forming a simple ladder. Their maximum length is a little less than double the ladder pushed together.

Owns the extension ladder more than two sliding elements, it can in many cases additionally as a stance or ladder be used. For this purpose, the lowest element is unfolded and forms the base. Upper elements can be pushed out additionally, which extends the working height.

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