Ladder stairs - slope and angle

If a staircase is steeper than 45 degrees at an angle, then it is spoken by a ladder staircase. As the only staircase in a house, the ladder stairs must not be used. Often the ladder staircase is also known as a steep staircase or samba stairs. What names this stairs still has and what you should pay attention to a ladder stairs, is here.

Spartreppe or ladder stairs

In a staircase with offset steps is often spoken by a samba staircase or a wading staircase. However, a ladder stair actually refers to a ladder with two spars, which has wide gullets instead of sprouts, similar to a step.

stair width

A ladder staircase should have a handrail on both sides. Therefore, the ladder stair should usually not be wider than 50 to 70 centimeters, so that the handrails can be taken safely.

Gradient of ladder stairs

The ladder stairs actually have a wide range of different gradients. All stairways between 45 and 75 degrees are placed at the ladder stairs, even if the stairs in question are not in the slightest resemblance to a ladder.

Safety of ladder stairs

In any case, a ladder staircase is intended only as a substitute for a movable attic ladder or a step ladder and allowed by the building authorities. But even then it is not optimal for security reasons. If the stairs have to be used by other people, you should leave this staircase alone for reasons of liability.

Spiral or spiral staircase

Just doctors warn in front of a ladder, especially if this has the offset steps of a samba staircase. Hardly more space takes a spiral staircase and a spiral staircase may not be as wide as expected. So it makes more sense to build such a staircase instead of a ladder staircase.

Disadvantages of the steep ladder stairs

  • high accident risk
  • very steep
  • only allowed as a second staircase

Tips & Tricks

However, if you really want to install a ladder staircase, do not buy the cheap models offered by flying dealers in pedestrian areas and fairs. You should rather commission a local craftsman with the construction, because you can reach it later also in case of problems with the stairs.

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