Ladder - Norm and Safety

Ladders are standardized in Germany both in design and according to their requirements. Depending on the purpose for which a particular leader is intended, it may be subject to a different standard. It is often a bit confusing in the various standards. However, which is really important, if you really want to judge a ladder realistically, we show here.

DIN EN 131

The European standard DIN EN 131 shows all design features and requirements for portable ladders and steps. However, this standard does not include ladders designed for specific job assignments. For example, fire brigade or roof ladders are each governed by a different standard.

under points

Part one of the standard regulates the valid dimensions that should be adhered to by a ladder. In addition to the above points, part two additionally regulates the test method for portable ladders. During the test procedures, the test loads have been increased in recent versions, which must be used in the strength testing of the spars and in the buckling test.

Different standards for ladders

  • DIN EN 131-1 Types and functional dimensions
  • DIN EN 131-2 Labeling and requirements
  • DIN EN 131-3 Information for use
  • DIN EN 131-4 multiple and single-line ladders
  • DIN EN 131-6 telescopic ladders
  • DIN EN 131-7 podium ladders
  • DIN EN 131-8 platform ladders

Special ladders

Here are some examples of many for leaders who need to meet specific job requirements. If you are looking for the hook leader of the fire brigade, unfortunately, you will not find what you are looking for, as this ladder is no longer tested. It should not even be used by the fire brigades any more, because the danger of falling was too great for the firefighters.

  • DIN 4567 ladders for special professional requirements
  • DIN 68361 fruit tree ladders
  • DIN 68362 Wood for orchards
  • DIN 68363 fruit tree ladders alu
  • DIN EN 61478 Ladders made of iso material for working under tension

Tips & Tricks

Take a close look when you buy a new ladder. Particularly low priced models may be discontinued models that were launched prior to the introduction of the new test values. These may not be as stable as a ladder that already meets the new standards.

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