Build the headboard for a bed yourself

Simple bed frames without frame and headboard are inexpensive and universally installable. In order to achieve an attractive appearance of the bed, the self-build a headboard, the bedstead attractive "aufmöbeln". The construction can be fixed to the wall, loosely mounted or mounted on the bedstead. The design possibilities are manifold.

With or without connection to the bed frame

The back wall of a bed can only be used as a design element or also serves for leaning on and optionally as a storage surface and lighting support. The greatest freedom of design is given to the design element. The possibilities range from the painting of a headboard on the wall around the bed site to the erection and fixing of designed wooden components, multipurpose panels and wickerwork.

If leaning is to be possible, several questions arise:

  • If the headboard is padded
  • Must the possible slippage of the bed frame can be prevented

A special case is the self-made headboard of a waterbed dar. The filled mattress has a high weight, which leads to the "immutability" of the bed. Here, a firm connection between bed frame and headboard does not provide the necessary stability.

Materials and construction forms

In principle, almost no material is unsuitable for forming a head part. In southern Europe, ready-made headboards, which are simply "sandwiched" between the wall and the bed frame, are widely used. Classic versions are:

  • Wickerwork from raffia and rattan
  • Wood panels with or without ornaments and jewelry profiles

If the headboard is mounted as a leaning aid, the following construction types are available for versions without upholstery:

  • Wooden slats or beams attached vertically or at an angle to the bedstead
  • Wooden lattice made of horizontal or vertical wooden strips

For attachment of the headboard vertical supports made of metal or wood are attached to the head of the bed frame. If no screwable frame is available, mounting brackets can be used according to the instructions.

If the bed is heavy enough or is prevented from being "hiked" by attachments, large cushions or mats can be attached to the wall. They look like a headboard.

Tips & Tricks

All variants made of wood can also be realized with multi-purpose boards such as OSB and MDF. When you cover and upholster the headboard you save on real wood, which later disappears under the textiles.


Video Board: How to Make Your Own Tufted Headboard