Heart tile, beautiful and traditional

The Herzziegel is a folding tile, in the middle of which a sublime pattern is marked, which makes it unmistakable. It is mostly used for older or historic houses. What else is there to know about this eye-catching roof tile model, where to get heart tiles and what they cost, can be found in this post

Unmistakable pattern

Heart tiles are folded tiles with a diamond pattern that runs across the middle. That makes the roof tile unmistakable.

The heart tile has been widely used in Germany since about 1870, when it first appeared on the market as the "Bärndorf heart tile".

Heart tile, beautiful and traditional: traditional

The heart tile is suitable for roof pitches of around 29 - 90°, and offers through the high side rebate a very good rainfall safety.

The color scheme is as good as always brick red - rarely you will find some different reds. Its classic color is simply part of this classic roof tile.

The prices for heart bricks start at around 1.50 EUR per piece, but may also be slightly higher or lower depending on the manufacturer.

Usual surfaces of the heart tile

  • nature
  • glazed

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • ceraton.de: The manufacturer offers a wide range of clay tiles, as well as a large selection of special bricks.
  • wienerberger.de: The manufacturer of clay roof tiles with the proven name also carries many special shapes, including the heart tile
  • koramic.com: Another well-proven German manufacturer, which has a variety of different clay tiles in the program.

That way you can save costs

Compare prices, special offers and remaining stock are the most important tips to save costs, which apply to almost all clay roof tiles. Also for the heart tile. Always compare the price differences for volume decreases.

Tips & Tricks

The most important factor in roof tiles is the amount of land used - that is, the number of stones that are used per square meter. From this, the square meter price, which can be different for each type of stone, is calculated.

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