Heart tinkering for Mother's Day

Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: mother

Every year in May it is time again. On Mother's Day you show your mother or wife how thankful for their care and sacrifice is. Jewelry, chocolates or flowers are of course nice and quickly bought, though just unimaginative and sometimes expensive.

Who one Mother heart really wants to delight, therefore tinkers itself a unique Mother's Day gift. How about, for example, a Mother's Day heart that literally comes from the heart?

Whether out colorful cardboard and tracing paper, painted clay, salt dough or scraps of fabric - even the very little ones can help here and make a mother's day heart and decorate the mother.

With our craft ideas and instructions children and fathers can easily tinker a heart for Mother's Day. The mother will surely enjoy so much effort, love and gratitude. We wish you a lot of joy when making and giving away!

Mother's day hearts made of paper

Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: mother

Hearts of colored paper

Heart out colorful cardboard and tracing paper are quickly made and can be customized. Even toddlers can help diligently.


  • craft carton
  • Transparent Paper
  • old magazines
  • scissors
  • pencil

Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: heart

Photo with heart frame

Paper is a crafting material that exists in almost every household. If you still have colored craft paper or tracing paper left over from your Valentine's Day crafting project, you can quickly cut out a few hearts and arranged nicely to stick on a mother's day card. Pretty is also a heart frame over a photo.

To make the hearts symmetrical, you can do one Craft stencil out of thin papern. To do this, fold the paper in the middle and record and cut out only half a heart at the seam edge. If you open the paper, you get a whole heart.

Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: heart

Garland with paper hearts

Especially decorative - and not only suitable for Mother's Day - are Garlands with different sized and different colored hearts from old magazines or books.

Cut out the hearts, paint and then with the Zigzag stitch of the sewing machine to a long chain connect. It is particularly interesting, if you sew great patterns on the hearts.

Heart of cardboard and yarn


Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: tinkering

Cardboard heart wrapped in yarn
  • Yarn or wool in two different shades of red
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • pencil
  • cutter

Make a heart template out of paper: Add the Fold paper in the middle and half a heart along the seam record. Then cut out the shape and unfold it - so you get a symmetrical heart.

Then the Heart with a pencil on the cardboard transfer and cut with the cutter.

Well with the tip of the Cutters carefully cut a slot in the middle of the cardboard heart sting. Two Pull through different colored yarns, fix with a knot and wrap around the heart. So that the heart becomes regular, the threads are guided so that they always cross again in the middle of the heart - Only wrap the yarns criss-cross at the end.

Crafting: Rather, make steady, precise cuts rather than trying hard to cut out the heart in one step.

Wool heart as a Mother's Day gift

Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: tinkering

Wrap the wire heart with wool first. Then make it with wool in any color.

Make a tinker with this tutorial different colored wool and flower wire a beautiful heart zaround Mother's Day.


  • Wool in any colors
  • floral wire
  • scissors

In the first step you form one long wire a heart and twist the endsso that no sharp corners arise, protruding wire is cut off. in the Connection knot a wool thread at the top and wrap the wool around the heart shape until the bare wire is no longer visible.

Then choose one second color and knot a thread at the top firmly, Now wrap the Wool tight over the heart and around the frame. Here you can

You either shape the whole heart in one color or you use multiple shades, For a two-tone heart, cut the thread of the first color, knot it tightly, and then wrap the next wool around Mother's Day heart.

Finally, the whole heart should be wrapped in wool. In this way Make a colorful Mother's Day heart in a short time, With a bit of paternal support even toddlers can participate and create a colorful wool heart on their own.

Crochet amigurumi heart

Regardless of whether you can already crochet or just learn it - these little ones Amigurumi hearts showHow much trouble the giver has given himself. If you would like to crochet other Amigurumi figures, you will find further free Amigurumi instructions in our blueprint collection.

Heart made of clay

Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: heart


  • Bastelton
  • acrylic paint
  • brush
  • Foam rubber stamps or alternatives for impressing patterns

Who works with crafting clay, does not need a kiln: The clay dries in the air and can then be processed easily. For our Mother's Day heart, you can take an approximately fist-sized amount of clay and shape them into a heart.

With a Motif stamp or the end of a thin brush you can enter now individual tendril motif work into the heart - of course, any motive can be used.

Crafting: Very nice are also patterns that leave lace lace doily. After the drying phase, paint the clay heart with glossy or matt acrylic paint.

Hearts are made of felt

Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: mother


  • Big sewing needle
  • Bastelfilz
  • darning wool
  • Embroidery thread, Sticktwist or thicker sewing thread
  • Thread, cord or gift ribbon as a suspension
  • Beads, buttons, sequins, scraps of fabric as an ornament
  • Scissors, pencil and craft cardboard for template

Set out of the Cardboard a heart template ago. Now with the template two hearts on the craft felt record and cut out. Afterwards, a heart will be added at will Beads, buttons, sequins and scraps decorated - of course you can also decorate both hearts.

In a next step, the two hearts are sewn together. Both Laying hearts on each otherso that the decorated sides are facing outwards.

Start with the embroidery thread at the top center to sew the suspension in place, then continue working around until there is only a small opening left: through this Hole some fabric wool between both layers push so that it becomes plastic, and then sew the heart.

Crafting: If you want to vary the heart, you can also experiment with cotton fabric, work with the sewing machine, decorate the heart sparingly or omit suspension and filling. Instead, you can sew a piece of fabric that is decorated with your own name and a heart made of two fingerprints.

Heart made of round beads

Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: tinkering

Another idea for an individual Mother's Day gift: off colorful spiked beads a heart tinkering.This tutorial is also great for toddlers when the father takes the final step - ironing.


  • Bügelperlen
  • Breadboard in heart shape
  • baking paper
  • Iron
  • tweezers

The iron-on bead heart is made quickly: simply the colorful beads at will on the breadboard in heart shape give and fix with the help of an iron. As protection during ironing, baking paper is placed between pearls and iron - so the pearls melt and form a flat surfacewithout sticking to the iron.

Who likes it more elaborate, can also a heart socket Tinker. For Bottom and cover completely fill the plug-in boardPut the baking paper over it and iron over. Remove baking paper. Release the form of the plug-in plate and lightly iron over from the back.

For the pages only the Edges of the heart-shaped plug-in board fill so that you get a heart frame. If has made enough side panels, these one above the other and pile on the ground and then connect with transparent yarn or thin wire.

To prevent the lid from slipping off the can, make a heart of hoop beads that fits into the can. Also, that will be small heart and the lid with yarn or wire connected. Done is the heart!

Caketopper with heart for Mother's Day

Heart tinkering for Mother's Day: tinkering


  • wooden skewers
  • Cardboard in different colors
  • Rhinestones for sticking
  • White marker pen
  • Craft scissors with pattern toothing
  • craft glue
  • compasses

For Mother's Day, Mum looks forward to home-baked cakes, muffins or cupcakes - especially if they are additionally decorated with pretty Caketoppern.

With help of a Circles draw circles on colored cardboard and cut them out. With a craft scissors with motivational teeth, the circles look like flowers.

So that the petals also come into their own, cut They are made of white cardboard circles which have a smaller diameter: Each one white disc and two colored flowers form the basis for a Caketopper. Stick a flower with the white circle, brush the other flower with craft gluePut a wooden skewer on it and place the first flower on top. Press firmly and allow to dry well.

In line with the motto, decorate the Caketopper on one or both sides with hearts that have been cut out of the colored boxes and decorated with rhinestones and white marker pens. It will be especially nice if the on top of each other getting smaller and made of different materials.

Video tutorial: Making a tulip bouquet out of paper

In addition to a homemade heart, you can delight your mother with a handmade paper tulip bouquet. How easy it is, shows the following video.

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