Heat pumps for use in the swimming pool

Many are familiar with the use of heat pumps for residential heating systems. But the devices are even more versatile and can also be used, for example, to bring the pool to the desired bathing temperature. Heat pumps, with which you can thermodynamically heat the pool water, are very good energy suppliers. Only for the compressor, the heat pump requires electricity from an external power source.

In particular, air-water heat pumps are suitable for operation at the pool. For this purpose, in contrast to earth-groundwater heat pumps no drilling or earthworks necessary. In addition, the devices are very well suited for outdoor use, as with increasing temperatures and the efficiency of the heat pump increases. For example, with the Zodiac heat pump, the fan needed to draw in the ambient air can be regulated in three stages, depending on how much power is needed.

Easy handling

The heat pumps are easy to operate and suitable for retrofitting. All that is necessary for a mounting are a supply line and a drain for the water of the pool and a socket. Existing heating systems can be easily disconnected. The pool heater can be set up near the pool and is ready to use in no time.

Under normal conditions, the "Smart" program can be used. This will permanently maintain a preset water temperature. If the water has cooled down a bit, it can be quickly heated up to the desired temperature with the "Boost" mode. The heat pump runs very gently and quietly in the "SolentEco" mode and thus does not disturb the neighbors, for example at night.

Video Board: Swimming Pool Heat Pumps - How they Work