Dress up the heating

Dress up the heating: dress

Hide the radiator and decorate it decoratively

Room tigers love: wide radiators to warm. The ugly radiators, however, often disturb the picture in the home four walls. The often very old radiators are large and unappealing in color.

A good and easy way is to dress the heater. For an ambitious DIY enthusiast, this is not a problem with our free construction manuals. So we have put together for you important tips and helpful suggestions for problem solving.

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Construction plans for radiator panels

How do I "hide" my heating?

Idea for a heating paneling with wooden frame, furniture, succulents and hanging plants
at Yahoo Clever

Cabinet as heating panel with shelf

Tips and illustrated description for the construction of a heating paneling made of MDF wood with additional shelf space.
at Songbird Blog

artistic radiator panel

Radiator panel like a picture frame with replaceable panel
at Baumarkt

Radiator cover in 2 variants

for freestanding wall heating for radiators under the window
at Baumarkt

Dress up the heating

Dress up a radiator with this step-by-step guide.

How to Build a Radiator Cover

Hiding and dressing heater with wire mesh in wooden frame

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