The heating on the balcony

In recent years, the trend is increasingly recognizable to use also outdoor heaters, ie on terraces and in the garden. But also for the balcony there are heaters. Afterwards we inform you about the systems that are available as heating for the balcony, but also the associated disadvantages.

From the campfire to the balcony heating

Who can not remember it as a child? On the balcony or on the terrace was grilled late in the fall or very early in the year. Because it was still so cold, the waste heat of the still hot barbecue was extremely welcome. Or the beautiful evenings outside by the campfire. One way or another, heating systems for outdoors could probably have been invented. These heaters are available with different techniques:

  • open fire (fire bowls and terrace fireplaces)
  • Gasstrahler
  • infrared Heaters
  • Ethanol burners or ethanol heaters

Open fire for heating on the balcony

The open fire on the balcony is on the one hand the most romantic way to keep it cool even on cool temperatures on the balcony. On the other hand, the use can also pose a fire hazard. Especially when children are there, that's not to be underestimated. Not to mention the smoke that comes with it. Therefore, an open fire on the balcony should probably be similar to the barbecue on the balcony.

Open fire on the balcony can be equated with a charcoal grill

It may be prohibited by the lease or house rules. Ultimately, however, the use will also be limited as the charcoal grill. Some German courts start from certain times of the day and also a maximum annual frequency of two to four times. You should first find out if there are any restrictions in your region and especially in your home.

Gas radiator as heating on the balcony

The gas radiator could theoretically be considered similar. However, the odor development is almost impossible. However, it is still an open fire that may be prohibited. As far as the energy requirement is concerned (gas), the gas radiator is likely to be one of the cheapest alternatives for a balcony heating.

The designs range from a design that also have Bauheizstrahler, up to the lantern-like spotlight, which gives off its heat down. These radiant heaters are often seen in small sidewalk cafes. However, the acquisition costs are relatively high.

Infrared heater as a balcony heater

There are no restrictions on this with the infrared radiator, since the heat is generated by electricity. For the energy consumption of the infrared radiator for the balcony is not only high, the electricity costs themselves are quite high. Above all, you have to weigh the costs to operate, because in the purchase of these balcony heaters are rather cheap.

Ethanol burner - a trend that is increasing

Ethanol burners are relatively modern, which can be used as a fire behind glass or as a table heater. The design is to a large extent refreshing modern and fancy as well as strikingly alike. There are also no dangerous emissions. While the operation is relatively cheap, the purchase prices vary the most here. A simple design that is only intended to serve its purpose is certainly much cheaper than an exclusive designer ethanol burner.

Think of a balcony heating well

However, if you really want to run a heater on the balcony, you should also agree with your conscience. After all, you do not even blow the energy out the window because you use it outdoors. In an open fire, you can at least understand the "romantic aspect", but the power heating should be well thought out. After all, you can also dress warmer and then also long into the winter to enjoy the balcony.

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal, we offer you many more guides around the balcony. Of course, this includes typical building topics such as the "build your own balcony", but on the other hand, it extends to important legal issues such as the right to rent a balcony.

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