Heating with solar power - an alternative?

Would not it be possible to operate the heating with the electricity generated by your own photovoltaic system? Is it. And there are even more options. Read on here.

Heating with your own electricity

Assuming the optimal location and the necessary money to invest in a photovoltaic system, you can certainly run the heating of the house even with the self-generated electricity practically free. The cost-effectiveness is certainly long-term, but it must also be thought about the optimal heating technology.

Electric radiators are actually inefficient in ecological terms - theoretically you can easily run classic electric heaters with the self-generated electricity, but the power consumption here is so high that you will most likely have quite a problem with a high base load in winter and storage.

Better alternatives are heat pump technology or infrared - here the energy consumption, but above all the efficiency, is much more advantageous. The less power you need, the lower your storage capacity can be - and, at least for the moment, storing the electricity you generate is the most expensive and costly to heat with solar power.

Infrared heaters also have the advantage that you can only heat the rooms in which you actually live, and the others can heat up as needed within a few minutes if necessary. Also with regard to the utilization of the plant has the advantages.

Base load, peak load and power storage

In winter, you need continuous heating, hot water and have the power consumption for the household appliances that you need to cover. This means a high base load in the winter months.

The problem here is that photovoltaic systems do not constantly and constantly generate electricity, but only when the sun is shining. And especially in winter, the yield is lower than in summer.

Memory technology is therefore very important here - technically this is often tricky, and it causes high costs. Here you have to expect a lot in advance.

Tips & Tricks

Above all, it is difficult to realistically estimate the power consumption of newly built houses, especially the power consumption of the heating system. Here help only as extensive and well applicable experience. It's best to connect with energy saving associations, which can often make very good assessments that you can then use as a basis for planning your plant.

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