Heavy duty rack comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the heavy duty shelf comparison or test 2018

When the junk in your cellar gets out of hand, it's time to Bring order to chaos and buy a sensible heavy duty shelf - or several more. These shelves for cellar and workshop are put together (there are in principle steel shelves with wooden inlays) and carry high weights, for example garden tools, trunks or beverage crates. They are also used as tire racks for car tires and as storage racks. Only as an ordinary wall shelf in the apartment makes a massive metal heavy duty shelf is not so good.

In our Heavy Duty Shelf Comparison 2018 you get one compact overview of differences in quality and installation of these practical organizational helperies, Is a cheap heavy duty rack also the best heavy duty rack? Our table will help you.

Heavy duty rack comparison 2018: rack

1. Assembly tips

Heavy duty rack comparison 2018: comparison

Gloves prevent bloody scratches and cuts on the hands when building up the heavy duty rack.

In itself is the Construction of a heavy duty rack not complicated, It is basically an ordinary plug-in shelf, in which components are anchored to each other. Additional material would not be necessary to build.

However, the Edges of this metal shelf extremely sharp - and in almost all models. It is therefore highly recommended to wear work gloves. Otherwise, you risk bloody cuts on the palms and elsewhere.

Heavy duty rack comparison 2018: rack

With the right tool, the assembly is easier and faster by hand.

In many cases, too Plug connections in the corner bars are too tight at the factory and have to be bent apart. A screwdriver does it in no time.

moreover a hammer can provide helpful assistanceto wedge the floors in the bars of the frame. But do not use an ordinary sledgehammer here, as this would damage the shelf. Instead, a rubber mallet is the drug of choice.

Basically, a heavy duty rack is completely assembled without tools. Nevertheless, we recommend the use of some standard hand tools that everyone has at home. This will save you sweat and nerves.

2. Important: the load capacity

A heavy duty rack has earned the name only if it handles the weights that you put a strain on. Two types of shelves are common:

  • Metal shelves with wooden floors
  • Plastic shelves with plastic floors

Plastic shelves have a much lower load capacity than metal shelves. (only about one fifth to one tenth of the load capacity). These should really be bought only if the items to be stored are particularly light, such as hats or tinkering. Since the price is comparable for both types of shelves and plastic shelves stink of plastic in the first few days, we do not recommend them in principle in our buying advice and take them only for special missions: They can be used very well in damp rooms,

Heavy duty rack comparison 2018: duty

The Manufacturer's specifications regarding the maximum weight Already give you a very good indication of how much the heavy duty racks can handle in comparison. But do not irritate the maximum weight to the utmost, Here, a "lab value" is sometimes given, which is a corner above what the heavy duty rack actually endures in the test.

Also note the maximum load capacity per floor: Heavy duty racks are designed to allow the floors to be mounted at various heights - convenient if you want to store a few large and small items in it. You do not have to use all floors. But do not burden a ground disproportionately strong (and stronger than allowed), otherwise it can break through.

Distribute the loads evenly on the shelves. Individual, particularly heavy objects should not be placed exactly in the middle of the shelf, but preferably on the edge of the shelf.

Heavy duty rack comparison 2018: rack

MDF wood fiber boards in the side profile. Good to see: The clean edges that can be achieved with this product.

In the wooden boards for heavy-duty Steckregale two types have prevailed. First: classic chipboardin which wood chips are glued and pressed together.

Secondly:medium density fiberboard (shortened MDF fiberboard), which have gained popularity for only about thirty years. They consist of shredded wood residues, which are glued as evenly as possible, layered and hot-pressed. The manufacturing process of the two plates is comparable in this respect and therefore their maximum load.

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out its own heavy-duty shelving test.

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