Make hedgehogs

Crafting instructions for little cute hedgehogs

Make hedgehogs: hedgehogs

A hedgehog from a chestnut and toothpicks

If you like the little spiny predators, you will become ours Bastelanleitungen for autumn decoration certainly liked. Making little hedgehogs is not only fun, they are also the ideal ones Addition for the autumn decoration in the house.

Whether made of cardboard or chestnuts, whether for big or small - make hedgehogs, that's fine!

Making chestnut hedgehogs

Out Chestnuts are really great little hedgehogs Tinker. And the big advantage: the Natural materials are available for free, In addition to the chestnuts, matches, wobbly eyes and a pointed object are needed.

In the Chestnuts are drilled as many holes as you like. In these you can then put the matches. Wiggle eyes glued on and the autumn decoration is ready.

Thanks to the simple guide can also little children the chestnuts hedgehog Tinker. Only when drilling holes should be helped the little ones, otherwise the risk of injury would be too large.

Making hedgehogs out of cardboard

Make hedgehogs: cardboard

Craft template for a hedgehog made of cardboard

For the hedgehog made of cardboard you need Craft sheets in different colors, scissors, glue and a pencil for drawing the interfaces.

Before the little ones can make the hedgehog, the parents should Outline outlines of the items on the craft sheets, The cutting can then take over the children. A little bit of glue and the sweet autumn decoration is ready.

The colors can of course be chosen freely. With our Handicraft sketch we would like an example show how the hedgehog can look.

Hedgehog of pine cones

Make hedgehogs: hedgehogs

A hedgehog of pine cones

Pine cones can also be used to make a cute hedgehog. The hull can be either off Crafted cardboard or jute cloth become. The second variant gives the hedgehog a great autumn flair. The Eyes and nose are using a felt-tip pen painted.

First, the individual must Cones shed from pine cones be removed. For this you can use a small knife to help. The back part of the hedgehog, on which the spines are to be glued, is generously coated with craft glue. Then it will be from back to the front of the cone shed glued. Just let it dry and finished the hedgehog.

Photo Credits

Chestnut Hedgehog: © knipseline /

Craft sketch cardboard: ©

Cones Hedgehog: ©

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