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Purchase advice for the hot air gun comparison or test 2018

  • Hot air guns (or even hot air guns) are pistol-shaped tools to heat individual components pointedly. As they are similar to hairdryers, they are sometimes referred to as a "hot air blower".
  • Hot air guns are used, for example, to remove paint, to deform plastic parts or to dry small areas.
  • Different attachments (nozzles) change the shape of the air flow for different tasks.

Hot air gun comparison 2018: 2018

1. Fields of application of the hot air gun

A hot air gun heats objects. So far, so clear - but there are many reasons to heat things up: to dry, melt or deform. The typical application areas of the blower working with hot air are briefly presented below:

1.1. The paint must be off

Hot air gun comparison 2018: heat

Armed with a hot air pistol and spatula, old varnish layers quickly give up.

To quickly remove old paint residue, you can heat it up. A conventional hair dryer is too weak here because it reaches temperatures of only about 50 to 70 degrees Celsius (° C). The hot air gun, however, reaches temperatures of up to 600° C, This "hot air blower" is not only more powerful, it also does not turn off as fast at high temperatures as an ordinary hair dryer. These have a protection against overheating, which deactivates them above a temperature of over 70° C.

Although a chemical paint remover would be a way to solve old paint layers, but spread an intense smell and pollute the environment. The Stiftung Warentest also warns against exterminators.

Here the Advantages and disadvantages of a hot air gun compared to the chemical version:

  • environmentally friendly
  • always at hand
  • dissolve the paint immediately
  • relatively loud
  • needs electricity

1.2... and slide over it

Instead of painting, some coat their car with a foil: The process is called foliation. These color foils can be applied quickly and are heated with a hot air gun directly on the car sheet. On the underside of the film is an adhesive, which becomes liquid due to the heat and thus adheres to the car.

1.3. Shrink tube instead of shrunken head

Hot air gun comparison 2018: temperatures

Cables connected with a heat shrink tube are packed watertight.

Not every wire connection needs to be soldered: If the ends are long enough, it is sufficient to twist them and dress them with a so-called "heat shrink tubing". This special plastic sheath is filled with an adhesive, which is activated only with the high heat of the hot air gun of the hot air gun.

This happens when heating the shrink tube:

  • Adhesive inside becomes liquid
  • Plastic of the hose contracts

In this way, the shrink tube firmly presses together a pipe joint or two power cables and seals them with its adhesive. Such a connected cable connection is then waterproof and protected against short circuits.

Shrunk waterproofShrink Tubing seals connections with their adhesive.

1.4. Pipe bender instead of pipe creep

Hot air gun comparison 2018: heat

With a special bending nozzle tubes and rods can be easily bent into shape.

Special plastics can be bent into the desired shape with a hot air gun: Many sewage pipes are made of the plastic "thermoplastic"that can be shaped well under extreme heat. The right nozzle attachment makes the task a breeze.

For a copper pipe, however, you will need a Bunsen burner with higher temperatures.

1.5. soldering

Hot air gun comparison 2018: 2018

Self-soldering (as with the Skil 8004 AA hot air gun in the picture) is possible.

The hot air guns also provide enough power for soldering: The air gets hot enough to liquefy the solder, Copper pipes can be connected quickly.

But even old solder joints dissolves a hot air blower with ease: If the correct nozzle plugged, the hot air gun can heat almost exactly an old solder joint.

1.6. Hot sausages

And not only to work, he is a good companion, but also for grill-heating: In no time the hot air gun brings coal briquettes to glow, This also creates less smoke than conventional lighting. At the grill, each model passes a hot air gun test.

2. Which nozzle types are there?

For which task, which type of nozzle attachment is good, see the following table:

Nozzle typegood to

Hot air gun comparison 2018: 2018

  • welding

Hot air gun comparison 2018: 2018

  • Heating of shrink tubing

Hot air gun comparison 2018: guns

  • Deformation of materials

3. Purchase advice for hot air guns

Hot air gun comparison 2018: guns

Even on the grill, the hot air gun cuts a fine figure.

Most devices create high temperatures. What makes a good or the best heat gun, therefore, at first glance, not apparent: In the hot air gun comparison shows that not all models offer high ease of use.

For example, pay attention to temperature gradients, setting options or accessories, The most important purchase criteria are listed below.

3.1. Temperature range & power levels

Be careful when buying a heat gun, how big the temperature range is. Almost all models create 600° CHowever, many start already at high temperatures such as 300 or 400° C.

Whoever increasingly heats shrink tubing or deforms small parts during model making, also needs lower temperatures of 70 to 200° C.

However, a wide temperature range is only half the battle: If your new hot air blower can handle temperatures from 70 to 600° C but only has two levels to adjust, you will not benefit much. For modelers, hot air guns with well-controlled temperatures are worthwhile.

For a heat gun with temperature control, a minimum of three levels should be adjustable. A potential heat gun test winner will bring at least ten and up, or even infinitely adjustable.

3.2. display

Hot air gun comparison 2018: comparison

A digital display shows the temperature exactly.

It is optimal if the hot air gun also offers a digital display for temperature control. So you can work on the grade exactly one workpiece before it takes damage. Anyone who desolders solder joints on electronic components needs a very precise and reliable temperature display.

3.3. airflow

How strong the hot tool blows, is also not insignificant. With an air flow of up to 500 liters per minute (l / min), you can work precisely even in windy weather outdoors.

Who works on said electronic components, but should pay attention to a hot air gun with less airflow. Here are models that blow less than 300 l / min.

3.4. Equipment?

Hot air gun comparison 2018: heat

Different jets should be included in the purchase.

With hot air guns, the accessories are more important than other tools because the nozzles determine which areas can be worked.

So if you do not just want to fire the grill with it, Pay attention to as many included nozzles as possible, In addition, rebuilt essays are not always compatible with every model. If, for example, you did not buy a heat gun at the Toom but at the Aldi, you might not find any suitable ones in the hardware store.

3.5. openable

Hot air gun comparison 2018: guns

If the hot air pistol can be set up, you have both hands free.

A helper is not always there and yet you need both hands: Who often deforms workpieces, is happy with a hot air gun, which can be set up.

Using the hot air blower that has been erected in this way, hold a plastic tube with both hands, for example, and bend it into the desired shape.

3.6. Rarity: with battery

There are rare hot air guns with battery. They provide little power in both the temperature range and the air flow. The higher the temperature should be, the more the running time of the built-in rechargeable battery drops: To heat at around 500° C, a hot-air blower with a rechargeable battery will last for approximately 15 minutes.

4. Accurate with the heat gun: You should pay attention to this

Even if temperatures are adjustable with the hot air gun, you should always check that the workpiece has not become too hot.

Fatal heat storage: It always makes a difference how hot the tool gets and how much heat the workpiece stores.

When desoldering electronics, you are quickly tempted to go with your face close to the workpiece. But do not do this without goggles or even better not. Since the hot air gun according to its name blows away extremely hot air, this air is also reflected back and can cause burns.

5. Frequently asked questions about heat gun

Large caliber: hot air cannons

To heat wider areas, there are hot air blowers with gas that are shaped like cannons. They are either used for heating in large halls or to cook meat on large grills.

5.1. How does a hot air gun work?

The hot air gun works like a hair dryer: The unit sucks in cold air at the rear, heats it with heating coils inside and blows it out through the nozzle.

5.2. How hot is a hot air gun?

Even cheap hot air guns can reach temperatures of up to 600° C. For this they take up about 2,000 watts.

5.3. How much is a hot air gun?

In hardware stores such as Hornbach, Obi or Bauhaus are already cheap hot air guns between 20 and 30 euros. These work reliably, but usually have a low operating comfort.

Models from € 40 to € 50 are more than apt: some have a digital LCD for temperature or precise heat regulation.

5.4. Which hot air guns are suitable for foiling?

To apply the special foils for cars, most hot air guns are suitable. Decisive here is the right essay. Choose a model with a wide nozzle attachment.

Of course you should not necessarily choose a heat gun with minimal power. The model should heat at least 300° C and blow 200 l / min.

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