The hot air method against woodworm usually generates high costs

Due to its purely physical effect, the hot-air process is an ideal choice for completely ridding a building or part of a building of woodworm and other pests. The costs are composed of required technology, the structural conditions and sealing measures and the resulting duration.

Consistent minimum heating required

Hot air is an ideal method of permanently and thoroughly removing the woodworm (and other pests) from wood trades. However, the implementation is partly accompanied by very extensive preparations. At the finish, every piece of wood, no matter what size, thickness and every Monday, must be heated to over 55 degrees Celsius for one hour.

To bring thick beams such as in trusses or trusses to this temperature, heating times of eight to twelve hours are required. Prerequisite is a possible tight "packaging" of the roof truss or building. The resulting costs arise from the following factors:

  • Construction of the building
  • Development status and availability of wooden components
  • outside temperatures
  • Thickest and strongest beam cross sections
  • Preliminary work such as cleaning, place measuring sensors, set up pumping system
  • Wrapping material and assembly (plastic sleeves)

When combating woodworm with heat, the experience and craftsmanship of the executing company plays a crucial role. Almost in every case, the process can be successfully applied if knowledge of material science and thermics exists.

The pricing and offers vary less by size of an object than by shape and sealing requirements. As a base price must be expected from about 1500 € already for individual rooms, parts of buildings or attics. This also applies, for example, to a standalone infested wooden staircase.

For completely concealed attics and possibly side walls costs between 3000 and 5000 Euro are to be expected. The basic flat rates (journey, installation, material) start from about 2000 Euro, to which the specific costs add up. In some cases, a fumigation may be cheaper, since it requires the same sealing and Verschüllungsaufwand, but takes much shorter.

Tips & Tricks

On the online presence of the German Timber and Building Conservation Association ( you can research information, specialist companies and experts in order to obtain a more precise offer for professional wood remediation.

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