Hot glue gun test and price comparison

Hot glue guns are unbeatable practicality for many craft and home improvement applications: The hot glue lasts almost everywhere, binds reliably and is quickly available. When working with hot glue, however, almost everything depends on the quality and manageability of the glue gun: When it drips, threads pull and uncontrolled swirling around in the area you have little fun and a hefty mess. We have put some hot glue guns through their paces and give you a clear recommendation - for safe and precise hot glueing.

He can do almost anything and is currently considered by hobby craftsmen with love. Hot-melt adhesives are considered to be extremely reliable and are by no means just suitable for connecting two components together. Instead, they can be used for repair purposes and are suitable for many household activities.

Video Board: Gorilla Hot Glue VS Regular HOT Glue - Which is Better? The Comparison Hot Glue Test - Requested