Heidelberg roof tile, actually no roof tile

Although Heidelberg roof tiles are called like that, they are actually concrete roof tiles. They have proven themselves for years and are very popular. What else there is to know about the famous Dachstein, you can read here

As a concrete roof tile also cheaper than most roof tiles made of clay

Despite its name, the Heidelberg roof tile is actually a concrete block. It enjoys great popularity almost everywhere, and is now considered a proven alternative to traditional clay roof tiles.

This is partly due to the lower price concrete blocks have over traditional clay roof tiles. The energy consumption in the production of concrete blocks is lower, since only one drying and no burning takes place. That then affects the price.

Heidelberg roof tile, actually no roof tile: heidelberg

The prices start here with approximately 0,70 EUR with individual decrease, with larger quantities there are often discounts and quantity prices.

The colored variants are always somewhat less extensive for concrete blocks than for classic clay roof tiles - Heidelberger Betonstein is also available in only a few color variants. This also applies to the Heidelberg roof tile.

Usual color variants of the Heidelberg tile

  • Classic Red
  • dark red
  • brick-red
  • dark gray
  • dark brown

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • roof-paulus.de: Heidelberger roof tiles are also available at this dealer in a large selection.
  • bausep.de: The proven online building materials retailer also has a wide selection of concrete blocks to offer.
  • frankebaustoffe.de: The building materials dealer also stocks almost all available models of the Heidelberg roof tile

That way you can save costs

Price comparisons are always worthwhile for such common stones as the Heidelberg roof tile. Depending on the manufacturer, the prices here can be partly different, with larger quantities, the volume discounts of the individual dealers occasionally differ.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that not every roof construction is suitable for concrete blocks. This has static reasons. For safety reasons, you should always discuss in advance with your roofer.

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