Height of the toilet

The toilet seat height is important so that children and senior citizens can use a toilet, it is also important for the flow of water. How high a toilet should be to cope with all conditions, is here.

Usual height of a toilet

Basically it all depends on who should use the toilet. There are almost only large adults go to the toilet, the toilet bowl should be placed quietly higher. In the trade different levels of storage are available, which are usually between 38 and 43 inches high.

In a toilet that attracts a mixed audience, so to speak, usually a height of 40 centimeters is not exceeded.

Free choice for the hanging toilet

The owner has it easier with a hanging toilet bowl, here he can vary the toilet seat height almost unlimited. However, it should not be too colorful. If tenants are to use the toilet later, their size is not predictable.

It is said that tenants have tried to push through a rent reduction, because the upper edge of the porcelain was attached to the toilet at a height of 53 centimeters. Certainly not ideal for a small person, but the courts have not recognized a defect for the tenant, because he could have finally recognized the alleged defect when moving in.

Also important is the construction supervision before the installation. Otherwise, the installers have set the connections too low and the toilet bowl is too low.

Height of the toilet - toilet seat height

  • 38 - 43 centimeters usual height at the storage pool
  • 40 - 48 cm installation height with a hanging basin
  • from 50 centimeters for large users of the toilet

Subsequent adaptation

With a raised toilet seat, the height of the toilet bowl can be corrected later. It does not have to be the eye-catching toilet seat lift from the medical supply store. There are also stronger rubber feet for the toilet rim, which allow an increase up to three inches about.

Tips & Tricks

Remember the age before you plan a toilet. Even for people with back problems, a significantly higher toilet is an ideal help in everyday life. Anyone who has tried it once will not want to miss a toilet height of over 50 centimeters.

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