The height at the washstand is usually a compromise

When planning the height of a vanity, great care should be taken. The vanity is used several times a day. An inappropriate altitude is not only inconvenient but, in the worst case, leads to health impairing attitudes. The millimeter-accurate perfect standard height does not exist. It has to be adapted individually.

Construction law and safety aspects

Water damage is one of the most consequential construction damage that can occur in a building. Installation work is building law and regulated by standards. Within the regulations, there are tolerances to adapt a wash basin in size and height to their own needs.

Decisive for the installation height, which are carried out in rental apartments and public buildings, is the standard height in DIN 68935. DIN describes the coordination dimensions for bathroom furniture. In addition to the standard height, these dimensions also include width and environmental clearance.

Definition of installation height

As a rule of thumb, half of the user's body length is used. Deviations due to proportional shifts in the physique should be taken into account individually. In the household usually use several people the vanity. The installation height is almost always a compromise.

Statistical averages in Germany are 1.80 meters for men and 1.65 meters for women. The standard provides a height from floor surface between 85 and 95 centimeters. In addition, the wall openings of the connections for the drain are located at a height of between fifty and 56 centimeters. The angle valve connections for the water inlet project between 56 and 65 centimeters from the wall.

Determine ideal height

Two approaches are common in determining the mounting height. Either the washbasin is adjusted to half the height of the body length of the shortest adult user, or an average of all adult household members is determined. However, restrictions can arise in both variants.

If the smallest adult dictates the installation height, this leads to uncomfortable or even unhealthy forms of housing when people have grown for a long time. If the average is followed as a norm, no user will hit the ideal altitude. In addition, there are the special requirements of children and wheelchair users. It should be noted in older people, the possible decline in body size, usually by bent posture, which can make a washstand too high.

Modification of the installation specifications

The height of the washbasin in residential property may and may in principle be mounted at any height. Only the installation specifications must be adhered to. With regard to the mounting height, the dimension is limited downwards, because the drain needs a minimum slope distance to work.

If necessary, the connections must be adjusted by the customer in height and horizontal position. The minimum height distance between the surface of the washbasin or the upper edge of an attached washbasin to drain must be 32 centimeters. If this distance is possible, the washbasin can in principle be fixed at any height.

General freedom of choice

Adult persons in a household with extreme body length differences may encounter this difference through a height-adjustable vanity or a double vanity with different heights. In children, of course, their growth is to be considered. The installation height in public institutions such as kindergartens and schools is between 55 (three-year-olds) and eighty-centimeters (fourteen-year-olds).

In the private sector worth a "Kinderwaschtisch" earliest from two children and should be provided if possible with a "growing" mechanics or conversion option. Wheelchair users as users need an accessible free space at the mounting height of at least the armrests of the wheelchair. Eighty and 84 centimeters are common.

Influence through horizontal accessibility

Regarding the ease of use and comfort in connection with the height and the horizontal size of the vanity plays a role. The distances between the front edge of the wash basin and the beginning of the basin must not be too large. The otherwise required additional stretching of the body leads to inconvenient usability even with "correct" installation height.

For wash basins with attached basins, a more extensive compromise can be achieved by later exchanging the basin or by setting two basins of different heights. Some manufacturers offer identical countertop washbasins with different heights.


If storage space is to be created under the washbasin or the slab is to be stored on a substructure, the norm of the manufacturer must be included in the planning, apart from the self-construction. In most cases, ready-to-use vanity units with a height of eighty centimeters are mounted.

If the washbasin cabinet is to be suspended, the desired distances from the floor and, if necessary, the underside of the washbasin must be added. Even for tall people, the installation height of ninety centimeters should not be exceeded.

Height adjustment by steel band fastenings

To make a later height correction, wall metal fittings are available in band form. If you mount them as a mounting of the wash basin including basin, the height can be changed by loosening the screws, moving and screwing again without major construction costs.

In this variant, the changing installation lengths of the connections should be considered at the initial installation. Inlet hoses can already have a required length reserve. Drainpipes can be prepared with removable spacers on the change in height.

Tips & Tricks

There are very nice tritter increases in the trade, which have nothing to do with the appearance of former household step ladders or footstools. Look for attractive wood, plastic or stone elevations.

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