Wedding Shower Bastelanleitung

Wedding Shower Bastelanleitung: wedding

Shards bring luck! This is one of the reasons why a bride and groom should celebrate a wedding eve before the wedding. It is often a nice and funny evening among family, friends and acquaintances.

But to ensure that this festival is a success and does not end in a boring disaster, you need to organize the wedding party well in advance.

We have put together for you various crafting instructions for invitations and decorations. In addition, we have collected instructions for the guests, with which they make money gifts and souvenirs themselves.

Contents of the Bastelanleitungen for the hen party

  • Gifts and gifts of money tinker for the wedding eve
  • Make a wedding shower decoration yourself
  • Make invitations to a bachelor party

Tips for planning a stag party and ideas for games are our consultation page on stalemate.

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Gifts and gifts of money tinker for the wedding eve

Tinker money gift

A small deckchair made of wooden clothespins and a bank note.

Money present to the wedding

Bride and groom made of mini-tonic for DIY and rolled-up bills. Simple instructions for an original gift.
at birthday

Bridal couple made of papier mache

Make bridal couple heads of papier mache and fill with money. A great game with a gift for a hen party or a wedding
at Bastel-Elfe

Card for the wedding eve

Instructions for a birthday card to make: Cute card with a cat motif
at Bastel-Elfe

Gifts for the wedding eve

Instructions for a frying pan with sugar mice and bills as an individual gift
at Bastel-Elfe

Welcome sign

Tinker red-pink welcome bunny for the wedding eve. - Great gift for the newlyweds
at Bastel-Elfe

To wrap gifts and tinker

Many different ideas for the design of gifts of money
at presents4friends

Make a wedding shower decoration yourself

Decoration for the wedding eve

Ideas for table decoration and decoration on wedding eve
at weddingstyle

Make romantic lantern from glasses yourself

Make romantic lanterns as a table decoration yourself, z. B. for bachelor parties or weddings
at kreativfieber

Hen party before the wedding

Tips for the end of a stag party with customs

Decoration on the wedding eve

Suggestions and ideas for a wedding reception decoration in the Mexican style

Medieval decoration

Decoration in medieval style to make a bachelor party itself: ideas and suggestions
at who-knows-what-

Sayings for place cards

Proverbs for invitations to the wedding eve

The wedding eve

Wedding Shower Bastelanleitung: bastelanleitung

A hen party usually takes place a few days before the wedding. Relatives, acquaintances and friends bring along old dishes and porcelain and break it at the arrival in front of the spouses. Together, the future couple must ensure cleanliness and sweep up all the broken pieces. This custom is symbolic of the difficult life situations of a marriage, which must be mastered together and shards should also bring good luck.

Origin of the stag party

The exact derivation of this premarital custom is not clear. However, our present meaning probably derives from the Germanic-pagan customs. Evil spirits and feared evil were driven out by breaking pottery. However, the saying "shards bring luck" is the reason why so many porcelain break down on a wedding eve. However, not only old dishes and discarded plates and cups are thrown, but also unloved porcelain figurines, coffee pots and flowerpots. Especially popular with the guests and hated by the future bride and groom, are sinks and even toilet bowls. In no case glass may be broken, that brings misfortune and who even breaks a mirror, has seven years of bad luck.

Who invites you to a wedding eve?

Wedding Shower Bastelanleitung: bastelanleitung

Normally you do not invite to a hen party. The bridal couple only announces the date, time and place. However, if you do not want to miss a personal invitation, you can write a few lines to your loved ones. On a hen party you have the opportunity to thank neighbors, acquaintances, work colleagues, wedding helpers, etc., although they are not invited to the actual wedding or for other reasons can not attend.

Organization of a stag party

Wedding Shower Bastelanleitung: wedding

You should be aware that a hen party may become a loud and long celebration. So you have to think well in advance where the evening should take place. However, the number of expected guests also plays a crucial role. Many couples rent a hall that is a bit outside, so that the residents do not feel annoyed. Often allotments also have clubbeds which can also be rented as non-members. But you have to take care of the food and cleaning yourself. In some hall bookings you have the opportunity to book a complete package. There is then the room, the staff, the final cleaning and the food offered for a fixed price. The drinks are usually billed separately afterwards. Also think of the important things around it. For the right music, you should ensure in advance. So that your guests will not be bored and the evening will be unforgettable for you, you should lighten up the mood with some party games.

We have put together the best wedding shower games for you:

The dance couple

The goal is to make the guests dance in this game. In order to get people closer and to make the party mood a bit more relaxed, the couples are getting married. For this you take pairs of words, such as marriage and ring, shards and pile, wedding and night and distributed a note to each person. Now the couples are first asked to dance with each other and when the music stops, everyone has to hurry to find a dance partner with a matching word pair. When the music starts again and you have not found a partner, you have lost and have to sit down again.

The dowry

This is an old custom from Switzerland and today has less to do with the dowry of the couple. Each Polter guest receives a note on the stands:

"Since the couple has huge stress before the wedding and thus has no time to take care of the household and the purchases, the bride and groom should not miss anything. Therefore we ask you to send the couple a little attention "

Then the item, such as a bar of chocolate, tealights, toilet paper, chewing gum, etc., appears on the piece of paper, plus the date on which the package is to be sent. So the bridal couple gets a little attention every day.


The bride is either hiding behind a wall or wearing a blindfold so she can not see anything. Three Polter society men, including their future husband, are available. Now the bride has to ask questions and the men have to answer them. So that the woman does not recognize the voices, the men have to breathe helium before every answer. To make the game even funnier, you can still take tactile games and the woman has to recognize her husband on the nose or legs.

The question is, how well does the future couple know each other? Before the wedding eve, questions are gathered by interviewing the spouses separately. The favorite color, eye color of the partner, interests, but also more intimate things, such as favorite position, etc. can be requested. On the wedding eve the couple will be interviewed alternately. For every wrong answer, a small schnapps must be drunk as punishment.

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