Spring messenger from flower bulbs: plant crocus

Spring messenger from flower bulbs: plant crocus: messenger

The first spring messengers after the winter

They are small, but certainly not inconspicuous, and they show up even when the garden slowly awakens from hibernation: the crocuses. Often they form real flower carpetsif they feel comfortable at their location.

Then you rarely pay attention to the individual plants, but the exact look is worthwhile, because some Crocuses develop beautiful flowers with interesting color gradients or a wonderful drawing.

These onion gnats are perfect for in the fall Boxes and tubs also planted the winter from balconies and terraces expel. But also flourish in the bed or on meadows she is very good.

What you need to consider when planting and caring for the bulb flowers, you will find in the following article on crocus as a garden plant.

The crocus is blooming - spring is coming!

The crocus (Crocus) thrills garden lovers in early spring with bright flowers that show in different colors and unusual patterns. Originally the bloomed Crocus in white, yellow and purple shadesNowadays you can find numerous new breedings in the specialized tradewith which cold frames can be individually designed.

Did you know that the lily plant, in contrast to many other early flowering plants, does not come from a flower bulb, but a plant tuber? In it the crocus saves Essential nutrients for persistence unfavorable living conditions such as the winter or prolonged drought.

Hobby gardeners are particularly fond of planting different varieties of Spring crocus (Crocus vernus) or large-flowered breeding hybrid, For a surprising blooms in the autumn special autumn crocuses are available. Less horticultural, but economically important is the saffron, which is also one of the autumn crocuses.

Location and planting of crocuses

Spring messenger from flower bulbs: plant crocus: plant

Crocuses are early flowering and very winter hardy.

Autumn and wild crocuses are particularly suitable for Wild and can on meadows or at the wood edge be easily planted. Over the years, a real flower cover forms, which becomes an eye-catcher in the still winter garden. Spring crocuses must however, often replanted after a few years become.

The winter-hardy flowers prefer a well-drained, nutrient-rich soil that is not too waterlogged inclines. Heavy soils should be fine Sand loosened and processed with some compost so you can give the plant an ideal growth.

Be planted Spring crocuses between August and October. For each tuber, a planting hole is excavated, which is about six centimeters deep. When planting, make sure that the tubers do not touch each other. However, a distance of one tuber width is completely sufficient, so in the spring you will achieve a complete sea of ​​flowers.

tipPlant more early flowering bulbs between the crocuses for a varied and colorful spring bed.

Carefully cultivate crocuses and overwinter

Spring messenger from flower bulbs: plant crocus: plant

Crocuses bloom between February and April.

crocuses like a regular moisture. If your garden soil tends to waterlogged, a drainage layer of expanded clay or potsherds is recommended. The layer is placed under the tuber in the planting hole and ensures a natural drainage.

After flowering, the crocus remains in the soil until the leaves have withered. This process can take up to six weeks. During this time, the plant shifts important Nnutrients for the upcoming winter from the leaves in the tuber, When the leaves have finally dried, they are cut together with the flower stem near the ground. The tuber can easily remain in the soil, an additional winter protection from brushwood or straw, the plants are happy to.

Alternatively, you can take the tubers from the ground after flowering. Dead plant parts and excess soil are removed and the tubers stored in a dry, cool place. After this Resting phase, they are in the fall again in the field set.

Fend off the vole

The tubers of crocuses often fall victim to hungry voles. The small rodents live in underground passageways and quickly undermine the entire garden. To protect your crocuses you can use the If necessary, small mesh bars around the tuber give. So your spring flowers are protected throughout the year.

Autumn crocuses in the garden

Spring messenger from flower bulbs: plant crocus: plant

Crocuses attract many insects to the garden.

The crocus is considered a popular spring flower. But there are also a variety of autumn crocuses, which already make colorful flowers in October. The well The best-known autumn crocus is saffron, which is one of the most expensive spices in the world.

At a time when most people do not think about crocuses, the dainty plants show up in the meadow or at the edge of the forest. If you too admire autumnal flowers under red deciduous trees you want to plant the special tubers already in August and over the warm summer days well wet, but not wet hold.

Try it and enjoy it all year round on bright crocuses in the garden.

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