Herb garden: grow herbs

Growing herbs is trendy, easy and cheap. If you would like to refine your own cooked dishes, to grow medicinal herbs or to dry aromatic herbal teas yourself: A herb garden allows you to own your own bio pharmacy in the garden - free of charge and renewable.

Grow basil

On these pages we present you common and exotic culinary herbs, give tips on breeding, cultivation and sowing and inform you comprehensively about the taste, use and effect of each herb. In addition, you will find here interesting facts about the optimal soil preparation or the construction of a herbal spiral, in whose zones Mediterranean and domestic herbs find ideal growth conditions.

Come with us to our herb garden!

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Kitchen herbs, garden herbs & medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs and culinary herbs have been cultivated for thousands of years and are an indispensable part of a healthy and tasty cuisine - and the scent of fresh herbs enriches your garden with many fragrant aromas. Herbs can also help against pests and diseases. You can find out everything in the herb dictionary.

Herb garden: grow herbs: herbs

Dressing herbal pot rest

Would you like to refine your dishes with fresh herbs? Design an enchanting herbal pot tray that you can irrigate over and over again, at a fraction of the cost of a purchased tray! Learn more in our crafting instructions herb pots: so dress up your tray individually.


Teas in the garden: make tea yourself

Herbal tea from the own garden not only tastes excellent, but also provides a valuable contribution to the natural home pharmacy. In case of various ailments, you can make gentle remedy with home-made tea from your own garden. Here you can find out which plants you need, how they thrive best and much more about teas from the garden.

Lavender in the garden

Herb bed: Plant herbs in the garden

Herbal beds give the garden that certain something. We will show you how to create a herbal bed, which historical models are there and how you can combine different herbs to a balanced mix. Create your own herbarium with our article Herbal beds: Plant herbs in the garden.

Free eBook "Herbal Guide"

An overview of the most important herbs, such as parsley, chives, thyme, sage or rosemary, is the free eBook "herb garden" in PDF format from Schwab shipping. In addition to a practical sowing and harvesting table, it also informs about which herbs are tolerated in the herb garden. Finally, you will find a few recipe ideas in which to use the planted herbs.

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