Herbal beds: plant herbs in the garden

Herbal beds turn your garden into a spice and medicinal paradise: If you want to plant a herbal bed, you will turn your garden into a real vegetable garden which looks beautiful on top of that. We give you tips on herbalism.

Lavender in the garden

When cultivating herbs different conditions have to be taken into account: While domestic herbs often prefer moist substrate and moderate sunshine, Mediterranean plants and dry soil thrive with sufficient warmth. Therefore, make sure to select suitable herb plants already when choosing a location. Alternatively, you can also put on a mobile container planting, so that they can easily overwinter sensitive herb varieties indoors.

We will explain how to optimally prepare the bed soil, create herbal beds and properly plant the zones of a herbal spiral.

soil improvement

soil improvement

In order to grow herbs, you need a prepared soil. But you can also get more out of your existing soil than you might think. Improving the soil will give your herbs more nutrients for you to grow better. Take a look, too, if a soil improvement would pay off for your garden plants.

herb spiral

herb spiral

A herbal spiral does exactly what the name promises. They build a herbal snail and build the herbs in ascending, as in a spiral. What you have to pay attention to and how they create the screw exactly, we explain to you under Kräuterspirale.

Create herb bed

Create small herb bed

If you want to grow herbs and only need a specific selection, a small herbal bed is sufficient. Furthermore, the small version is suitable for beginners who want to try out how the herbs grow properly. Learn everything about the small herbal bed.

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