Herb pots: this is how you dress your tray individually

Herb pots: Dress up the tray

Dressing herbal pot rest

Would you like to refine your dishes with fresh herbs?

Design an enchanting herbal pot tray that you can irrigate over and over again, at a fraction of the cost of a purchased tray!

material list

  • Dremel® 300 Series
  • Accessories from Dremel:

    • SpeedClic mandrel SC402
    • SpeedClic metal cutting disc SC456
    • SpeedClic grinding wheel 512S

  • Thin sheet metal
  • Lacquered wooden tray
  • Herbs in terracotta pots

Dressing Herb Pot Tray Step 1

Dressing Herb Pot Tray: Step 1

Dremel allows you to quickly and easily change the accessories on your Dremel 300 Rotary Tool.
For the SpeedClic concept, only one mandrel is needed - no wrenches or screws! Thanks to the unique metal insert design and technology, the accessories can be changed without tools under 10 seconds: pull down the spring-loaded mandrel, turn, click - done!
Attach the SpeedClic Mandrel with SpeedClic 38mm Metal Cutting Disc to your Dremel 300 Series. Cut the sheet to cover the wooden tray about 2.5 cm below the top edge. This protects the wood from rot when you pour your herbs.
Smooth all edges with the Dremel 300 (SpeedClic Finishing Wheel).

Dressing Herb Pot Tray Step 2

Dressing Herb Pot Tray: Step 2

Apply masking tape just below the top edge of the metal cladding and apply some transparent sealant at the transition between the metal cladding and the tray to prevent water from entering.

Dressing Herb Pot Tray Step 3

Dressing up herbal pot rest: Step 3

Place your terracotta pots with herbs on the wooden tray with metal paneling and pour the herbs.


Courtesy of Dremel®

These instructions can be found in the creative Ideabook of Dremel®:

Dremel®'s Creative Ideabook contains 50 original ideas for crafting projects of varying difficulty and countless opportunities for your own projects with Dremel's versatile tooling systems.