Sawing off a loft bed: what to pay attention to

You bought your bunk too high and bumped your head when putting it on? Or you have moved and now have a lower ceiling? No problem. The legs of a loft bed can be sawed off easily. What should be noted here, you can find out here.

Saw off legs evenly!

When you saw off the legs of your loft bed, you should pay attention to one thing above all else: Saw off the same amount on all legs! A bunk bed must never tilt!

Sand down after sawing

You should also sand the sawed area properly. If you want to prevent the roughened wood from scratching on your floor, you can stick a piece of felt underneath.

Adjust loft bed to a sloping roof

Even if your bed does not quite fit on the wall due to a sloping roof, you can easily cut it. However, if you saw off too much, the stability of the bed could be compromised. In this case, it is advisable that you additionally screw the bed to the wall.

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