Secure and stabilize the loft bed - these possibilities are there

A loft bed must be particularly stable and safe, so that the risk of accidents is minimized. Therefore, it should not wobble or rock in any case. Below are three tips on how to further secure and stabilize your bed.

1. Screw on the wall

The most common and safest tip is to simply screw the bed to the wall. It is best to screw with long screws directly through the bars of the lying surface and the head or foot part and screw it with dowels in the wall.

2. Attach additional angles

If you feel the bed is unstable, you can screw extra angles to the joints. You can screw each post to the cross and longitudinal beams with one or two extra angles.

3. Strengthen the lying surface

If you feel that the lying surface is too thin or the boards need to carry too large an area, you can additionally pull in one or two longitudinal beams under the lying surface. These can be screwed directly to the cross bars.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that the fall protection is at least 16 cm high (from mattress top edge).

Video Board: Ikea SVARTA loft bed Time-lapse