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Purchase advice for high-pressure cleaner comparison or test 2018

  • High-pressure cleaners (also called terrace cleaners) are available in several classes. In the lowest class, a high-pressure cleaner has about 80 to 100 bar. A particularly powerful device has about 200 bar.
  • The high-pressure cleaner can be used to achieve a variety of cleaning performances. Whether balcony, gutter, walkway or patio: High-pressure cleaners are flexible and well suited for the thorough removal of debris and dirt.
  • High-pressure cleaners have a high water consumption of approx. 400 l / h (and more). The big advantage: You can do without chemical cleaning agents.

High pressure washer comparison 2018: high

Especially in the fall and in the spring are dirt-prone outer surfaces such as house walls, roofs, walkways and terraces are exposed to adverse environmental conditions (e.g., prolonged rain showers) and are thus prone to weathering (e.g., moss infestation, fungal growth).

The resulting contamination must be removed quickly, to keep your land in a mint condition in the long term, This can be done with a broom, chemical cleaning agent and strenuous manual labor. Thorough cleaning requires manual effort; it must be scrubbed and scrubbed for a long time, until the surface to be treated is freed from stubborn dirt. Especially with large-scale work, this is very tedious.

With a special device you achieve cleaning success: We are talking about the high-pressure cleaner. With high pressure and a strong jet of water, large areas become clean - how exactly, you will learn in our detailed Pressure Washer-Vergleich2018.

1. How does a pressure washer work? When does he come to use?

High pressure washer comparison 2018: 2018

With the terrace cleaner, exterior surfaces are clean in no time.

A pressure washer is a Device for the thorough cleaning of large areas outdoors, The cleaning takes place by means of high air pressure and strong water jet. With slippery flooring on the sidewalk, when the house roof is overgrown with fungus lichen and when the joints of the terrace tiles are covered with moss, the high-pressure cleaner is used.
The high-pressure cleaner is connected to the mains for operation. Make sure you buy a model with a long cable so that the garden outlet is not in close proximity to your area of ​​action.

To avoid a life-threatening electric shock. In addition, connect the water supply line of your steam cleaner to the garden faucet with a return stop valve.

High pressure washer comparison 2018: washer

Early practice: Carters with the Kärcher "for kids" pressure washer.

The water in the tank boiler of the high-pressure cleaner is strongly heated by electricity. This creates a hard water jet. This escapes through the nozzle or the cleaning attachment and softens deposited dirt until it dissolves from the treated area.

This cleaning is so thorough and so hygienic that you do not even have to resort to a chemical club.

High-pressure cleaner accessories or high-pressure cleaner spare parts, such as Special cleaning attachments, nozzles and brushes make your job easier and usually ensure even greater cleaning efficiency.

Below we have the Advantages and disadvantages of the high-pressure cleaner summarized for you:

  • practically: quick cleaning by high pressure of the water jet
  • efficient: Cleaning hard to reach areas such as joints and niches
  • power saving: Cleaning without big muscle
  • environmentally friendly and allergy friendly:works without chemical cleaner
  • Risk of injury: strong cleaning jet can cause dirt particles to fly upwards (wear protective goggles), bruising possible in the event of body contact
  • Risk of damage: Hard cleaning jet can damage material to be cleaned

2. These nozzle types are available for the high pressure cleaner

The more accessories you buy for the pressure washer, the more different applications you have in its use.

As part of the purchase consultation in our 2018 High Pressure Washers Comparison, we have listed the most important types of high pressure cleaner nozzles for you.

2.1. dirt miller

A dirt cutter attachment should be included with your high pressure washer. Remove with the dirt moulder heavy soiling, e.g. from gutters and sidewalks.

2.2. fan nozzle

High pressure washer comparison 2018: high

The more accessories, the more options you have.

The flat fan nozzle is one of the must-haves of the high-pressure cleaner accessories. It is often used for facade cleaning and car washes. However, be careful: Depending on how strong it is, the water jet can damage the treated material.

2.3. surface cleaner

The surface cleaner is suitable for large-scale cleaning work, e.g. for the terrace cleaning. With this nozzle, you can work cleanly and evenly.

2.4. washing brush

If you want to clean the windows and the multi-wall sheets of conservatory or greenhouse, you benefit from the wash brush attachment. Especially for frequent car washes, the washing brush is worthwhile.

2.5. More nozzles

In addition to these standard categories of high pressure cleaner nozzles, other nozzles such as e.g. on variable attachment be helpful. This one can be from point to alternate jet, which is useful if you want to do different work steps in a row.

High pressure washer comparison 2018: high

3. Purchasing advice for high-pressure cleaners: You must pay attention to this

3.1. Before you press hard - less is sometimes more

High pressure washer comparison 2018: high

Remove moss from walls in no time.

In addition to the power, which is measured in watts, the pressure, which is measured in bar, an essential purchase criterion for the high-pressure cleaner. Both in terms of performance and printing it says: Less is sometimes more. Although it is generally true that a high pressure and a high flow rate are beneficial; however, the device is not suitable for every material.

How much pressure should be used during cleaning? However, depends individually on the degree of contamination of the surface and their material. Would you like to If you want to clear a concrete path of moss, you need about 100 bar, but if you want to clean your car, you will need 20 bar. You should not use more pressure in the latter case, otherwise you could damage the paint job.

Even bricks and wood can be roughened quickly and lose their beautiful surface structure. Glass roofs, acrylic glass and attics are well-suited for high-pressure cleaning - provided they are not particularly sensitive glasses.

Attention:While sturdy surfaces and solid materials are very well suited for cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner, you must be careful with less robust objects. Otherwise you risk quickly unwanted property damage.

3.2. Your patience pays off

High pressure washer comparison 2018: high

Finally, your terrace will be clean again.

The time spent cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner is less than with conventional cleaning. Nevertheless: The longer you direct the jet of water at the dirty surface, the more thoroughly it will be cleaned.

Anyone who thinks he can save himself the high-pressure cleaner and instead resort to the garden hose, is wrong. With optimal cleaning results is then not expected. For already fixed dirt, the water jet of the garden hose is too weak.
Note: It will be perfectly clean if you combine the use of the high-pressure cleaner with proven cleaning techniques, In addition, if you support the water jet mechanically with a brush, which can often be attached as an attachment, you will achieve the best effects. Very stubborn dirt can be removed by long exposure.

Save water:The high-pressure cleaner is indeed an economical device. This is noticeable in the water flow rate, which is measured in liters per hour. At the same time, about eight times more water flows through a garden hose.

3.3. Easy to use: hose length and more

The longer the hose, the more flexible you will be during cleaning. Sounds logical? A longer hose gives you the advantage that you do not have to change your device so quickly. In this way you reduce the working time a bit.

A hose reeling drum ensures less cable clutter and thus for easier usability.

The following YouTube video shows you the Application of a high-pressure cleaner in the test:

4. High-pressure cleaner at Stiftung Warentest

High pressure washer comparison 2018: high

The test winner of Stiftung Warentest: the Kärcher K7 Premium.

Stiftung Warentest has tested several devices in its issue 05/2014. High pressure washer test winner with the grade 2.0 (good) is theK 7 Premium of the manufacturer Kärcherfollowed byKränzle HD 10/122 (also grade 2.0).

The devices were tested in the criteria "cleaning", "handling", "durability", "environmental properties" and "safety".

Inadequate durability (grade 5.0) was the devices Top Craft (Aldi North) andRT-HP 1545 (Einhell) awarded.

5. Questions and answers about high-pressure cleaners

5.1. Should I rent or buy the pressure washer?

Some DIY offer a service under which you can get one Lend high-pressure cleaner can. This is worthwhile if you have never used such a device and would like to get a feel for it.

Pressure Washer hirePressure Washer Sales
Test: Non-binding testing for beginners is cheaper than a purchase.

saves space: If you do not need it, the device will not stand in your tool shed.

Hygiene: Only your own dirt comes into contact with the device.

always at hand: No waiting times; You can always clean with the device.

We recommend: Hygienic is to use your own device. Name the high-pressure cleaner your own, so you always have this at hand and can pursue independently independently and without time pressure your cleaning work.
Even if you want to postpone the work at short notice or you spontaneously after a thorough cleaning is: with a personal device, you are more flexible.

5.2. Where can I buy the best pressure washer?

High pressure washer comparison 2018: comparison

Car wash goodbye! Clean your car yourself.

Where do you get high-pressure cleaners? A large selection can be found in the hardware store and meanwhile also online (for example on Amazon).

If you want to buy or rent the pressure washer cheap, for example, because you only need it for a one-time cleaning work, it is worthwhile to use the wide range on the Internet, to look for cheap deals and If necessary, buy the pressure washer.

See an overview of important manufacturers and brands here:

  • arpo
  • CleanPro
  • Bosch
  • DirtDevil
  • Kärcher
  • Kränzle
  • Michelin
  • Nilfisk
  • Water Zoom
  • West Craft
  • X4 tools
  • Zipper

5.3. What should be considered when using the high-pressure cleaner?

So that you do not hurt yourself, no property damage occurs and your device also remains durable, we have a few helpful usage recommendations collected for you.

Safety tips to avoid accidents:

  • Set up the Water jet not on people.
  • Work with the device always away from the body.
  • Wear at work sturdy footwear; also in the summer. If you accidentally point the jet of water at your foot, you must expect painful injuries.
  • Also wear one safety gogglesespecially if you work on stone floors.

cleaning Tips for a good result:

High pressure washer comparison 2018: washer

Allow the cleaned area to dry before entering, otherwise there is an acute risk of slipping.
  • Avoid damage to the surface when you initially little pressure Use (low bar number) and increase slowly.
  • Clean Metal surfaces with a distance of 20 cm: How to avoid annoying scratches in the paint.
  • If you Clean windows with the high-pressure cleaner: Avoid the seals, because they can be smashed by the hard jet of water.
  • If you use the pressure washer to clean pavement slabs, do not direct the jet of water directly onto the joints. They risk that the fluid that has been thrown up is splashed everywhere and the pavement slab is washed away. That would seriously damage your way.
  • Cars should not be cleaned on stony ground, Small whirling stones quickly scratch the paint. You must not aim at the tires: flank and carcass can quickly be damaged.

Maintenance tips for a durable device:

  • If you have a high-pressure cleaner with water pre-filter, it is important to clean the filter regularly so that it does not become clogged. Once the filter is clogged, no water can be drawn through it. With regular use, a cleaning every three months is recommended. If you rarely use your device, a one-time annual cleaning may be sufficient.
  • When you are not using your high pressure washer, do not leave it in rain or cold, but make sure that you have it warm, dry place in your tool shed Has.

5.4. Which cleaning agent do I use with the high-pressure cleaner?

What is a hot water pressure washer?

For professional cleaning work hot water high pressure washers are often used. These have, unlike the cold water high pressure cleaner, over Heating element, with the help of which heated up to 90° C can be. The costs are for cheap models about 1.200 €. High-quality branded products are only available from about € 2,000.

Although they can do without this, there is for high pressure cleaners chemical cleaners.

These promise an even better cleaning result. But is that true? In most cases, the additional use of chemical cleaner proves to be superfluous.

Our high pressure washer comparison 2018 came to the result: You can not achieve better cleaning results with chemical agents.

If you want to fight bacteria and germs, you can resort to chemical cleaning agents, but this is not a must.

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