High pressure cleaner for private use

Water jet variations of the high pressure cleaner

High-pressure cleaners have an electric motor and can also be heated. The maximum pressure in a high-pressure cleaner is up to 150 bar. 100 bar correspond to a pressure of 100 kp / cm², while an amount of water of up to 550 liters per hour is moved.

By varying the water jet and different cleaning nozzle attachments different types of cleaning work can be performed. The spot jet achieves a high cleaning effect on small soiling. With the flat jet, however, larger areas can be cleaned.

Special dirt mills with rotating spot beam combine these effects. They are suitable, for example, for cleaning mossy or yellowed garden paths. By contrast, body parts can be gently and thoroughly cleaned with a rotating washing brush. A wet jet set allows effective removal of old paint or rust, for example on metal fences.

High-pressure cleaner for cleaning terraces and facades

High pressure cleaner for private use: pressure

High-pressure cleaners are used for various cleaning tasks outdoors, in the home or in car care. For example, mossy garden paths, dirty terraces and facades, sticky garbage cans, old garden furniture or tools can be cleaned in a simple and gentle way.

Decisive for an optimal cleaning performance of the gardening tool is the ideal ratio of water quantity and pressure. But water temperature can also play a role when it comes to removing stubborn dirt. High-quality models therefore have an integrated burner, which heats the water quickly. As an alternative serves warm tap water.

We will give you valuable tips on handling high-pressure and steam cleaners and tell you what to look for when buying.

Operating the high pressure cleaner properly

High pressure cleaner for private use: private

With a high-pressure cleaner, sidewalks can be cleaned gently without additional cleaning agents.

High-pressure cleaners lead to quickly visible results and consume comparatively little water. Hobby gardeners who have large terraces, a wide garage driveway or long walkways in the garden, should therefore think about the purchase of a high-pressure cleaner, so as to save time and resources.

The use is very simple, if one considers some aspects. As already mentioned, the cleaning power depends on the ideal interaction of water and pressure: If the high-pressure cleaner operates with too little water, the nozzle has too low an efficiency because the water can be atomized and not compressed into a jet.

For persistent oil and grease stains, experts recommend the use of warm water. Higher quality equipment can heat the water by itself. Cheaper cold water devices can simply be filled with warm tap water. So you can do without polluting cleaning agents for most of the dirt.

tipThe closer the nozzle is held above the ground, the more intense the jet cleans. The spot beam can even have a resounding effect if brought too close to sensitive surfaces. First, start with little pressure and then increase it as needed until optimal cleaning performance is achieved.

Surface cleaner as a practical accessory

High pressure cleaner for private use: private

The surface attachment allows optimal cleaning.

In addition to the actual high-pressure cleaner, there are of course interesting accessories to buy. From different attachments and cleaning brushes for the nozzles on hose extensions to the appropriate cleaning agents against moss or green algae is for everyone the right thing.

Especially useful is a surface cleaner, which can be used to clean large areas faster. The rotating nozzle generates a circularly rotating spot beam, which achieves a larger area effect.

As an example, the Kärcher terrace cleaner T-RACER 300 can be called. It is a perfect accessory for every high-pressure cleaner from Kärcher and was specially developed for terrace cleaning. The two rotating nozzles free each terrace up to four times faster and more thoroughly from verdigris and other impurities. Likewise, the terrace cleaner can also be used for walls and other smooth surfaces, e.g. House walls to get rid of dirt.

The surface attachment glides gently over wooden terraces, natural stone, tiles and concrete - it adapts perfectly to the respective flooring. Everything is clean from the hand, because the housing ensures optimal splash protection. The so-called hoovercraft effect ensures that the terrace cleaner hovers over the surface, resulting in an even more pleasant work. Premature fatigue will no longer occur with this accessory for your high-pressure cleaner.

Safety tips when handling high-pressure cleaners

High pressure cleaner for private use: pressure

When cleaning with high pressure, keep an appropriate distance so that the beam is optimal.
  1. When buying, make sure that the switches are not lockable - when you let go of the handle, no more water may flow.
  2. The higher the water pressure, the more distance should be kept to the object to be cleaned.
  3. Always wear protective goggles when cleaning the high pressure, since small stones can be thrown up.
  4. High pressure cleaners are not water guns. Never point the high pressure water jet at people as there is a risk of injury.
  5. Never direct the high-pressure water jet at electrical installations such as switches, sockets or lamps. There is a risk of electric shock and thus a danger to life.

High pressure cleaner in the test

High-pressure cleaners are available in different versions and performance levels. This quickly raises the question of which device is ideal for home use.

We have tested and rated various pressure washers for price and performance. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of individual garden tools in our article on high-pressure cleaners in the test.

High pressure cleaner for private use: cleaner

Steam cleaner Kärcher SC 3000 in the test

Steam cleaner Kärcher SC 3000 in the test

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