High quality wooden windows can be obtained through oils

In wooden windows from the 16th century until the Second World War, only products based on linseed oil were used to protect the windows from the weather and rotting. This procedure provided lifetimes of up to more than one hundred years. Today the situation has changed


Historical model

For many people, one question of faith and belief is whether window oiling is enough to achieve sufficient and long-lasting durability. Since the wood types of the wooden windows and the processing methods have changed, however, the initial conditions have changed completely.

High quality wooden windows can be obtained through oils: quality

In earlier times mostly high quality deciduous shrubs such as oak, chestnut or beech were used in the wooden window construction. Their durability was aided by the exclusive use of heartwood. In lengthy manual procedures, the wood was allowed a long deposit and the components were soaked in linseed oil.

Inside and outside

If today old wooden windows are to be replaced, which are under monument protection, the authorities are often required an identical work-up. The non-sealed wooden windows take on even after a long life wood oil on flax.

For interior windows, the type of wood treatment is still sufficient even for modern products, which were made of coniferous wood and with portions of rime wood. A common way of oiling wooden windows in the present time is the treatment from the inside, while from the outside a sealing paint or glaze is applied.

Age, effort and time

A key factor for wooden windows, which can only be obtained through oils, is, in addition to the quality of the wood, the time of manufacture. Mostly, for economic reasons, the material wood is not given enough time to experience optimal saturation. Therefore, on the checklist for window shopping for models that are well preserved both externally and internally by oils, the question of the age of the wood and the amount of time spent on the pretreatment should not be missing.

Tips & Tricks

If you buy wooden windows that are resistant enough only by oils in the outdoor area, you have to calculate high prices. Expect that the lifespan will increase from thirty to fifty years to over a hundred.

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