Designing high walls aesthetically: the best tips

Old buildings in particular often have high walls that can be wonderfully designed: only with the right surface design does an impersonal room become a real oasis of well-being. Whether with paint or wallpaper: they can do a lot. We provide you with many important tips for a successful outcome.

Color design for high walls

In the worst case, a high room looks like an impersonal hall. The "hall feel" occurs, for example, when the walls are plain white or painted in other cold shades. With more courage to bold colors you reverse this effect.

To visually move the ceiling slightly downwards, paint it in a darker shade than the walls. Create a colored band in the same shade that runs across the top wall section around the room.

In this way the room looks a bit lower and more comfortable. Wide "stucco" profiles made of styrofoam or hard foam are also suitable for significantly limiting the space upwards.

Strong colors, eye-catching patterns

High walls are particularly well suited for the use of bold colors and striking patterns. The 70s retro wallpaper celebrates a renaissance anyway: Why not choose these trendy wall coverings?

Plan a horizontal subdivision on your high walls. For example, you can wallpaper the lower two-thirds and let the wallpaper strips end up with a border. Then you set a color that harmonizes with the wallpaper.

Other types of horizontal "heels" make your wall visually good. For example, the lower area can be well paneled or textured with a colored textured plaster, while the upper third is painted with the ceiling color.

Design high walls with trims and decorative ribbons

You may want to divide your tall walls with trim strips that attach horizontally once around the room. Insert the bars either as the end of the lower or upper wall thirds.

Colored decorative bands also set aesthetic accents. For example, use homemade or purchased wall stencils to apply circumferential patterns of viscous paint.

Tips & Tricks

Especially in rooms with high walls much depends on the lighting. Suspended lamps or modern chandeliers fill the upper part of the room visually and attract attention.

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