Highly durable alternative - tin roasting pans

When it comes to roof tiles, one inevitably thinks of clay roof tops, secondly, perhaps concrete blocks - but there are also roof tiles made of sheet metal - and they shine with some profound advantages. What makes tin roasting pans so special, where you get them and what they cost on average, you can find out in this post.

Sheet metal as a durable alternative

Already with clay roof tiles one starts from quite long lifetimes - with tin roof tiles the guaranteed lifetimes are often even higher. On some products there is up to 50 years warranty.

However, sheet metal roof tiles are not laid individually, but as so-called modules. These modules - a coherent range of roof tiles of about one meter in length - can also be laid much easier than conventional roof tiles.

Highly durable alternative - tin roasting pans: pans

This also creates a rather interesting price advantage due to the significantly lower installation costs. This often affects the total price.

Another advantage may be that a much lighter roof substructure is possible when mounting with sheet metal. While relatively "light" clay tiles, such as the Frankfurter Pfanne, can already weigh up to 40 kg per square meter on the roof, sheet metal roof tiles weigh just one-eighth.

In terms of price, tin roof tiles are consistently in the range of around 13 EUR per square meter. By comparison, clay roof tiles are roughly based on a price of around EUR 9 per square meter for common bricks and roofing.

Tin roof tiles on the Internet

  • blechdachpfanne.de: The specialist for tin roof trays and trapezoidal sheets, many models and custom made as a service.
  • blechdachhandel.de: Also a specialist for sheet metal roofing, with many service offers.
  • fassaden-dach.de: This dealer also has a good range of different tin roof tiles.

Advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal roofing in the short

  • lower weight, therefore lighter substructure possible
  • very high durability, guaranteed for up to 50 years
  • high load capacity, no risk of breakage as with clay roof tiles
  • Square meter prices are usually a bit more expensive than clay tiles
  • faster and easier to lay than clay roof tiles
  • possibly worse heat values ​​than other coverings
  • Drum noises in the rain

It will be cheaper

Price comparisons can bring smaller savings, as a rule, most products that come mainly from a Swedish manufacturer are relatively similar. Special offers can sometimes be worthwhile, but also remaining stock.

Many retailers also offer tailor-made products, which makes relocation even easier.

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